Why Does Everything Go Wrong For Me? Part 2

You are reading the second part of  Why Does Everything Go Wrong For Me?

Joe still did not know HOW and WHEN she could give up her job, she just knew she would, to pursue her heart’s desire. Mary told her to keep her focus on what she desired, (to write children story books with her own pictures). Whatever the price she had to pay, the rewards would be so much greater and she would have no regrets following her heart.

Joe learnt from the audio program there was a 3 Step Process to uncover and open the doors to her true heart’s desires. I list these steps below for you to use as well. 😉

Step 1– Ask yourself this question:  Man Thinking

1) What would I like to have in my life that I do not have right now? Write down the answers by hand on white paper use a blue ink pen. You can type it all up later on your computer.

Here are some other questions to ask yourself to help you find answers to the main question above.

  • What would I love to do if there were no restrictions or obstacles?
  • If money was not a consideration, what would I like to do?
  • What makes me very happy? What makes me laugh?
  • What stirs my emotions in a positive way when I think about it?
  • What do I think about when I daydream about something that I would really like to do, be or to have?
  • What would I love to do to help others?
  • What characteristics, strengths, or personality traits would I like to have that I don’t have now?
  • What type of physical appearance have I always wanted to develop?
  • What do I want from others?
  • What do my best friend and I do for fun?
  • What did I use to do that I enjoyed that I don’t do now?

Not all of these questions are your heart’s desire.

Step 2– Ask yourself this question:

2) If I had/was/could do that, (whatever you’ve defined as your heart’s Happy Facedesire), then how would that make me feel? Ask your -self this question about each desire you have identified with the first question. Asking this second question helps you to get past your superficial desires and focus on what is truly important to you. Note carefully, the stronger the emotion or the feeling you have after answering the question, the closer you are to your TRUE heart’s desire. Allow yourself to FEEL your emotion. You are dealing with your heart’s desires here!

Step 3– Now you are going to measure the strength of your heart’s desires.

3) In order for the answers given to be effective, you need to measure the strengths of your heart’s desires. On a scale of 1-100% how badly do you desire each of your listed desires in step 1? Become sensitive to the intensity of your emotional responses to what you discover in steps 1 and 2. This sensitivity will help you to accurately measure the intensity of your desires. Your intensity is vital.

Take 1 desire at a time and focus on it. Whilst focusing on it, imagine there is an intensity metre/meter attached to your body just like a lie detector. As you think about your heart’s desire look at the scale. What is the measurement? Where is it between 1-100%? Now write down your measurement for each of your desires.

Any measurement between 80-90% on your scale is something that’s important to you and something you have a strong interest in. However, scalesONLY those that measure 100% are your true heart’s desires. This is what will make you feel happy and fulfilled. Any measurement, any below 80% on your heart intensity scale you are not fully committed to. There is no doubt in your heart about your 100% desires!

The heart desires that measure 100% have within them the fundamental ability to release the full internal power or creative magnetic energy within you. They are the desires that will provide you with persistence and the ability to overcome any and all obstacles. The intensity of these desires will energize your family, relationships, business projects and your entire life.

‘Your dreams, goals… you have a strong desire for it to come to pass and when you think about it, you have high belief and expectation that it will happen’ – Kevin Trudeau.

Back to my story in conclusion. Joan did get another less demanding part time job. She took a drop in salary for a time. However, she resurrected her heart’s desire and brought it out into the open. She worked longer hours than she did with a full time job, but she was never more happy. She maintained a close connection with Mary over the years and Mary became her friend and mentor.

And of course she became a prolific author of children’s story books. I love happy endings and success stories. Don’t you? 🙂

Now let’s write OUR OWN success stories!

A word of caution. Avoid making financial goals your true heart’s bank-notedesire. Dig deeper. Ask yourself, what will a financial goal give me? When you discover that, it is more likely your heart’s desire.

If you would like more information on how you can create deliberately please click here

Thank you Dr Robert Anthony for the 3 Step Process to uncovering our heart’s desires, and for the entire program.

Please leave your comments below on desires of the heart, let’s talk.

Thank you for visiting, reading and sharing.

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I am EJ, a resident of the UK who has longed for answers for many years to some of life's most puzzling questions.I am passionate about Self-Awareness and have decided to share some of what I am learning and have learnt with others, so that we can evolve together without so much pain and suffering.I will be sharing how we are creating our own reality, (consciously or unconsciously).I do enjoy reading various materials that give answers to life's challenges, so I can implement them and see changes taking place before my very eyes.My aim is to help others, who like myself only a few years ago, had no idea as to why life seemed to cause us so much pain and suffering.

8 thoughts on “Why Does Everything Go Wrong For Me? Part 2”

  1. I love that the second part of this story is a helpful list of questions to ask yourself, and steps to take. Great post, thanks for sharing. I have some questions to ask myself. 🙂

  2. I have been on a similar journey. Doing something you love is far more rewarding than doing something for money.
    You work harder and longer without even being aware of it when doing something you love.
    You are more able to enjoy good friends and family when you are happy. Putting your priorities first will allow this to happen.

  3. Hello Tony, thanks for your insightful observations. They are well worth noting and emulating as success is ‘hidden’ in them.

  4. Loved the end of the story, but I already suspected that would be the outcome.
    Thank you for the post and especially the questions.
    They are something to think about.

    1. Hello again Chris. Listing the questions were my aim. Joe’s story would touch the hearts of those who could relate to her perceived ‘dilemma’. You are most welcome.

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