What Is The Flip Switch? Part 1

I think you would all, (or nearly all) agree with me that it is in our best interest to feel good as much as we can rather than to feel bad. Yes? But in view of life’s assaults on us, (worry, fear, lack etc), how can we actually change the way we are feeling? Especially at the time when we are feeling negative influences, how can we apply the ‘brakes’ Happy To Be Aliveso to speak, on our emotions when they are in full flight?

This is where the flip switch comes in. This post is geared to inform you how to switch your thinking to change your life. Someone asked me a question on one of my posts relating to this, so I decided to address it here.

The Flip Switch is simply this:

‘The action that you take to get from a negative, low energy state to a higher one. It is about consciously finding ways to change or flip switch your vibrational energy in the very moment that you are feeling any kind of negative thought or emotion’. Dr Robert Anthony.

As I have said here in other Articles or Posts on Soul Transfiguration, whatever we send out vibrationally into the Universe comes back to us. We call it sowing and reaping or as science puts it, cause and effect. However, not only does it come back to us, but it is increased as Universal Laws are exceedingly abundant and they give to us lavishly more of what we sent out.

‘Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over…’

We determine what we send out, good or bad. Laws determine the harvest. This works both ways, so ANY thought, (remember it all starts here), or feeling that cause you to feel or vibrate at a higher level, (however slight), than you did seconds before, cancels the negative vibration out. This is good news. If you fail to take this action as many times as you can in any given day, your negative Angerenergy will pile up and you are a walking time bomb going some- where to happen! Do you get the picture?

Due to our own conditioned and programmed responses to our life situations we have trained ourselves to feel badly repeatedly day after day. But what if you would reprogram yourself to, talk to ourselves, (right in the midst of feeling at our very worst i.e. whilst feeling angry, fearful, worried, hurt etc).

How Does This All Work?

Would you be willing to ask, ‘Is this feeling bad going to make the situation any better? Is there even one benefit if I feel bad?’ If your ego says, ‘But I just want to do it’! That does not count! ;-).

This is about YOU – the conscious you, not the ego. By being conscious, (in the very moment), and asking these questions, you will discover for yourself that the only thing feeling bad accomplishes is to plunge you into more anger, fear and worry. So you in fact increase your feeling bad. When the dust settles and the moment is passed you are left with more regret and stress (yet again!)

You may say, I do not have a choice, it is just the way I feel right now. We haveSad Face been conditioned incorrectly, we always have a choice as to how we think and as a result feel. We can choose to not dwell on any negative situation in our minds. We have just not practiced doing so, we have not known the vital importance of choosing to do what is beneficial for and to us in our minds.

You can always Flip Switch in your mind to a healthier thought right there in the moment. You can choose to think on something, (any pleasant thought) that will make you feel better immediately. We can all do this irrespective of what is going on around us. The sooner we all learn to do this the better for us all!

Flip Switching is a great form of self correction. Remember, the important thing is to do it in the very moment that your thought and feelings are going in the wrong direction. It is like applying the brakes to a vehicle that is going the wrong way towards danger. Deciding what you would rather think on is like turning the vehicle around. Thinking on what you desire to think on is like travelling the right way, the way of your choosing. Your conscious mind is the boss of your soul, it’s like the captain. Ego is not the boss in spite of what it thinks and says.

In the moment of your inner struggle, (negative thoughts and feelings), reach for thoughts that feel better. Ignore your ego’s voice saying ‘This cannot be done’?Our Point of Focus How would ego know? It knows your past failures, it knows nothing about what you can do because you have not done it yet. Your subconscious mind knows what you are capable of doing, so side with it as it ‘houses’ 96 percent plus of your soul’s power. This figure varies among the experts.

So as soon as your inner feelings start going contrary, find something good to think about that makes you feel good right there and then. It could be as simply as thinking about something funny that a pet or a person did that made you laugh. Quickly change your mind and mental state! Do this by changing your thoughts, this will change your feelings and puts you right back on track.

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Thank you for reading and sharing.

Have you got some other helpful ways you use to change your sub- conscious mind? I would love to hear them! Please share your thoughts below. Thank you.

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I am EJ, a resident of the UK who has longed for answers for many years to some of life's most puzzling questions.I am passionate about Self-Awareness and have decided to share some of what I am learning and have learnt with others, so that we can evolve together without so much pain and suffering.I will be sharing how we are creating our own reality, (consciously or unconsciously).I do enjoy reading various materials that give answers to life's challenges, so I can implement them and see changes taking place before my very eyes.My aim is to help others, who like myself only a few years ago, had no idea as to why life seemed to cause us so much pain and suffering.

16 thoughts on “What Is The Flip Switch? Part 1”

  1. Hi EJ, Great piece, the flip switch does give a new perspective to how we look at life. I think it might also help in situations where the other choices are to start using drugs, alcohol or other forms of addiction. But i am still wondering whether as individuals we can activate the flip switch ourselves without help. It seems to me that we will always choose to go have a beer instead.
    Thanks a bunch EJ

    1. Hello Colin, thanks for your observations on the post and you are most welcome.
      Mankind are creatures of habit. We seldom like change. It is true it is far ‘easier’ but more costly to revert to what we are most comfortable with. When we choose to think, we can, but we seldom allow our- selves to do so for long enough to plan and make changes happen. Someone says, sustain thinking is the hardest work of all and it’s true.

      We can take the familiar but costly route or decide on making a permanent change, (which will take effort for a time), but will give us the long term benefit we so desire – CHANGE! Activating the flip switch is a matter of choice. If I WILL to do it and I can foresee the benefits, then I can and will do it.

      The help that we desire for any change is within us. When we take inspired actions, ‘unforeseen forces will come to our aid’ – Napoleon Hill.

  2. Hey EJ,

    Another great post. Thanks for the reminder! I am a big believer in the Law of Attraction and what we feel we magnify. Feeling bad attracts more bad stuff. By flipping the switch we can change our feelings in an instant.

    Love it. I have a little beep on my phone once an hour to remind me to check in with my feelings and, as you say, flip the switch if needed.

    Love your work,


    1. Hello Kev, thank you. You have summed it up in a sentence!
      I like the sound of using your phone to help as a reminder and keeping yourself on track. Kev we have to do whatever it takes to wake up and make us become more aware.

  3. Thank you EJ for sharing this wonderful article. It did me give something to think. Sometimes I do get caught in the moment and just let it all get to me. And that I feel is my downfall.

    I really need to take a step back, and this Flip Switch is a great way that I think I could turn it around.

  4. Thank you for all the fantastic information. I was raised in a Christian church and therefore was taught about sowing and reaping. But at times it is so easy to get discouraged when things don’t happen quickly. That is when I tend to get discouraged. But the switch idea is great and something I will try out for myself.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Jody, welcome! Much of what we have been taught, though true, lacks practicality and therefore application. It has become theory. We have to find ways that work for us in the here and now. We must now appropriate truth or it becomes useless and ineffective dogma. Everything that you will ever desire Jody is IN you – the Kingdom is in you! Learning to bring it out into the physical is another matter all together. May the Spirit of Council, (the Great Strategist), give you insight into the what and how to.

      I love you image Jody – Words DO have power. Speak only life giving ones to your situations. Do not call things as they are, call them as you desire them to be. However, until you change your subconscious mind’s blueprint, it will not happen. Sadly, this is not commonly known! Thank you Jody.

  5. I just heard the term flip switch from you. But I already learned about the trick years ago.

    Someone told me that my emotions are my responsibilities. Other people or situations can’t affect my emotions but my thoughts will.

    That’s why if I’m feeling down or angry, I remind myself that I have to CHOOSE to feel up and calm. I choose to smile.

    Thank you, EJ.

  6. Hello EJ,

    This is an eye opening article for me. I’m a short tempered guy who takes wrong decisions at the moment of heat and feel bad about my action just seconds later. To give an example, I often shout at my 5 year old daughter for silly things and feel bad about it later. I tried to control myself many times, but could not do it. Thanks for your article, you told me how to control myself at the moment of heat. Hereafter, I will be thinking about the funny things that my daughter did to control my anger. Thanks again.

    Manivannan Y

    1. Hello Mani, thank you for your frank sharing.
      Awareness is key and you have just identified an area of concern to you, (and to your precious little one).

      As you practice this Mani, know you are developing a new habit so you may experience internal resistance to doing it again and again. Persevere day by day. In time, it will get easier, until it becomes your new way of thinking and acting, to your and your daughter’s delight. An added benefit is that you are also teaching your little girl and other impressionable ones around you they can control their mind, thoughts and emotions too! What a payoff for pausing to think!

      Mani, if you were to forget and fail, (who doesn’t?), do not beat your-self up by falling back into ‘old ways’. Just smile and go again!

      You are most welcome. Success is yours Mani!

  7. Hi EJ,

    Great post mate, you have raised some excellent points. I like to use the words “I am responsible” as my first responder to negative emotions. As Brian Tracy puts it, think of your goals, to ward off the clutches of destructive thoughts, and I find it gets me out of trouble almost instantly.

    Thanks for posting,

    1. Hello Adam, thank you! The Brian Tracy’s quote is just as good. What better words to keep you on the right path. Your comment validates what I am saying on this website, we can take back control once we know how, and are willing to do so.

      It takes some effort and commitment, but what good thing does not?

  8. If one learns how to change the direction of his thoughts consciously, he can literally change his life and I like this flip switch concept. The real challenge is to discern when our thoughts are negative, for that one really has to be aware of his emotions..Good job 🙂

    1. Hello Hari, thank you for your comment and observation.

      On the whole we have swallow a lie. We now think feeling fearful, depressed, hateful etc are normal ways to feel as, ‘everybody does it’.

      That is where people like you and I come in Hari. We put the message out: negative emotions are destructive to our souls & bodies, our work/finance, families, friends, communities, countries and the world at large.

      We help people to wake up and see how to make the change they so desire to make in their own lives. They in turn run with the same message and they help to…

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