What Is Energy? Part 2


This is a continuation from What is Energy Part 1. If you have selected this out of sequence, you may desire to read that post first.

What Is It About Energy?

‘Everything you see on earth is made from one original substance, out of which all things proceed… There is no limit to the supply of Formless Stuff, or Original Substance’. Wallace D. Wattles.

This is a quote taken from the book – The Science of Getting Rich. The names of things change over time, but not necessarily their meanings. Here Wallis is talking about something called Formless Stuff, elsewhere he calls it ‘Thinking Stuff’ and several other names throughout the book, which I will not take time to list. Today, in the West we call this same thing Energy.

From what I have studied this ‘stuff’ is known about in some cultures and thanks to them, information about it has been preserved from generation to generation. Now thanks to the availability of computers, smart phones, other devises and the internet anyone, anywhere as long as they have access to these tools can learn about this magnificent ‘stuff’ now called energy, also.

Some Knew About It…

In China they call it chi, (sounds like chee), the Japanese calls it ki, (sounds like key) and in Asia, the Hindu calls it prana, (life energy/force). They all knew it is essential to our soul and body and our physical life cannot be maintained without it. We were told about the essence of oxygen to our life but not this one.

This energy is always moving, it is coming into and going out of us at happy older manall times. Its measurement is 0 at the time of death. We need about 70% of it to create our realities by design. Yes it can be measured due to equipment that are available now to those in the medical and scientific fields.

Those with this knowledge know how to store excess of this energy in parts of the body. I think the largest storage area is the lower dantian, (dan te an) i.e. the lower 3 energy centres/centers area in the abdominal region, (the belly). Knowledgeable mediators and those in the martial arts are well versed in this acquisition of energy in their bodies. It promotes health, strength and mental acuity, (sharpness), to name but a few of its many and varied benefits. It is by means of this ENERGY that we create.

If you have ever wondered how Bruce Lee and many others could do those phenomenal feats with their bodies – think energy storage and release as necessary; and of course disciplined, continuous training. What made someone he hits literally fly across a room before landing? Energy released from the point of contact with his body!

Healing Using Energy

Some may have heard of healing arts like acupuncture where they use needles to unblock your energy and allow the natural flow of it to resume. Tapping of different kinds, here the fingers are used to do the same thing. By tapping on energy points at various parts of the body you shift negative energy, (pain, worry, fear, anger etc). You may also have heard of Reiki, yet another form of energy balancing and healing. Rei stands for universal, and ki, as I said above, stands for energy.

All of these practices and many others use the movement of energy to bringWorried face of a child healing to the soul and body.

If you are interested in pursuing more inform -ation about any of these healing modalities, You Tube is a great place to look. Tapping, (the Emotional Freedom Technique), is probably the easiest of them all. With the use of 2 of your finger tips tapping on certain points on mainly your face, (energy points), in a matter of a few minutes you can relive some of your own physical and emotional pain. If you are able bodied, you do not need the help of anyone else to do it. It is pain free and it leaves you feeling relaxed.

Many of us do tapping without being aware that’s what we are doing. Think of the many times we felt pain and discomfort in a limb, a joint, or any other place in the body. Almost without thought we instinctively reach for and ‘pat’ that area with our fingers or palms for a few seconds. We don’t know why we do it, yet we know it brings some relief, even for a short while. Now think energy!

There’s More…

Even simple acts like smiling, laughing, deep breathing and stretching have positive effects on the energy in our body. You know how good it feels when we wake up in the mornings and get out of bed, (or even before) to have a good, long stretch, we are shifting our own energy un -knowingly.

It is with this same energy we create financial abundance and we do so by engaging the things that we love and feel passionate about. We do this by giving to and serving others; and as a result, we are given to. To implement any change however, we start with the mind. We release our limiting beliefs about money and reprogram ourselves for abundance. It is all energy and we can change it.

Now that we are understanding more about energy, we can Happy Facebegin to open up to some of what we have been closed to due to our lack of awareness and knowledge. Energy affects every area of our lives.

‘My people are destroyed because they lack knowledge’. Hosea

Our ignorance has been our downfall in life. As we become more aware this changes.

Please click here for Part 3.

Here’s a 3 minutes inspiration The Extra Degree

Thanks Chris Cade for the video.

The Science of Getting Rich – Wallace D. Wattles is in the public domain.

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I am EJ, a resident of the UK who has longed for answers for many years to some of life's most puzzling questions.I am passionate about Self-Awareness and have decided to share some of what I am learning and have learnt with others, so that we can evolve together without so much pain and suffering.I will be sharing how we are creating our own reality, (consciously or unconsciously).I do enjoy reading various materials that give answers to life's challenges, so I can implement them and see changes taking place before my very eyes.My aim is to help others, who like myself only a few years ago, had no idea as to why life seemed to cause us so much pain and suffering.

10 thoughts on “What Is Energy? Part 2”

  1. A great follow up to Part 1. You are doing an awesome job at explaining Energy. And yes, I totally agree that knowing everything about life and the Universe is the key to having an abundant life. You re helping me to do that.

  2. EJ, I must first admit that I am one of the folks who only thinks about energy in the way it was taught at school and to complicate matters, I also hated science. Now, you have me reading more science than I have read in a long time, and actually enjoying reading it as well.

    I see what you are saying about tapping. Yes, ever so often we hold the area, tap and or rub it and it does feel better a lot of times. What about massage? Does this affect energy flow and is it a part of the grand scheme of things as it relates to energy?

    1. Hello Josephine, thank you for connecting here. You have me laughing! There’s a big difference in doing something because we can see the benefit in it for us, and doing something because we are told we ‘have to’. 😉 This is ‘exciting science’ because we can use it deliberately once we know how to. We are using it ANYWAY, so we might as well get the best out of it!

      Massage is as good, it’s ALL energy. It shifts the energy in your body. There should be a constant flowing of it into and out of us. Think of energy as water, water naturally flows, some go out one way and some come back in another way. If there is no blockage all the ‘bad’ will eventually get washed away, and life is maintained. Imagine some blockage, now we have stagnancy, foul smell, death and decay etc. Energy must flow for there to be life, soul and body. Whatever affects the soul affects the body eventually.

      It’s the blockage of energy in us that leads to illness. Be it in our souls and/or in our bodies. When we are treated energetically there is no invasion, just the movement of energy, once there’s a flow again, the discomfort subsides and the affected part will heal itself with time. If an organ is damaged herbs, fruits, vegetables and all things natural can be used to help with repair of tissues. Energy healing is superior because it helps the body to help itself. We have moved so far from what is natural to the unnatural and synthetic. We as mankind are suffering the penalty.

  3. After reading part 1, this 2nd post of yours is a great follow up to it and I really enjoyed reading it. You thoroughly explain the use of Energy and the way and surrounds us (like the force hehe) I learned a lot regarding how life treats us well when we do our part in being great people to our society. Weird how this stemmed up from just Energy right?I like this article! Keep it up!

    1. Hello Miguel, glad you have enjoyed reading these articles. Many of the movies people watch are ‘telling and showing’ how life works. But if they are not aware of it, they miss the true message being conveyed.
      This concept of how energy works is not yet well known, but yes, it is powerful stuff. Thanks Miguel.

  4. Really enjoying this site, I had to go back to the beginning Part 1 because I wanted to take the full journey and will be back for part 3.

    Much of what is here Is not new to me and perhaps a benefit of age comes knowledge and sometimes wisdom.

    One of the first principles I learned in Applied Mechanics at Colledge…energy can not be created or destroyed.

    There are some area’s that I think this discussion needs to go …maybe that is in part three!! The energy and connection of the mind with our bodies…also collective energy.

    Graphics and video’s give this site a quite, well-balanced feel which considering the topic is remarkable!

    1. Hello George, thank you and you are welcome at anytime. Just help yourself.

      The areas of discussion you mention, though valid, will be for a later time. I too am growing in it. Over time, more will come out in later posts, but not entitled as ‘energy’ directly. I do not know how, or if Google responds to one topic multiple times! I will make a mental note however of your comment. I will also make further inquiry.

      Your feedback is valued as positive and directional and so I am truly thankful!

  5. Hi EJ,
    I really can relate to the Healing Using Energy part,
    I’m at least one time in a week going to my masseur for a session called Reflexology.
    I have a stomach problem (IBS) and this is the only think that reduce the symptoms of my problem.
    Do you know what is Reflexology?

  6. Hello Efi, yes I do know, but very little. Massaging of energy points in the extremities and again it’s all energy.
    I would suggest you get to the root of the issue in your body. The root cause is not physical it is something going on at a deeper level that causes the issue in your body.

    How is your stress/anxiety levels? Are there pressure areas that are not being addressed etc. Look at those kinds of things and make adjustments as and when you can.

    Desiring the best for you.

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