What Affect My Energy Level?

Can I Increase My energy Level?

Negative emotions or low frequency vibrations are caused not only from within us but they are also from the outside of us. For an example, think about the mass media, like the news. What does it put out most of the time? I would say it’s NEGATIVE as opposed to POSITIVE news!

If there is something positive, it is tucked on the end of the news as an afterthought. It is so short, it cannot cancel the mammoth amount of ‘bad news’ you have just listened to for however long. So the net result on our subconscious TVminds at the end of the news is negative and detrimental.

Now think of how long people follow such negative news stories -often, for many years! The accumulative effects over many years program our minds to: fear, worry, stress, anxieties and dread of the future.  As time goes on, it is a documented fact that more people are ‘suffering from psychological related issues’, stress is on the increase,  more people’s health are failing and of course, more pills are being distributed to ‘help people cope’ with life they are creating unknowingly.

Can It Really Be This simple?

Someone may counteract this by saying, they are only telling us what is going on in the world. I will respond by asking at what cost to us and how is this helping us or the ones affected?

The news maybe about the poor economic conditions, murders, some robberies, deaths from terrorism or warfare. In what ways are these stories helping us and what are we going to do to eliminate them? We simply absorb the negativity, addweapon to it by all the comments we make and that’s about it! The next day, or later that same day we absorb more of the same things. Remember, EVERYTHING is energy!

We have no idea of the power of words – spoken by or to us. We think once the sound ceases, the effect is gone. See posts on, Every Word I Speak and What is Energy‘? We are vibrational beings who are constantly receiving and transmitting energy.

If you follow these events, as I said above, you will experience the emotions of disgust, anger, anxiety, or fear, even all 3 plus some! When you have millions of people experiencing this, what do you think happens? A huge wave of negative emotion sweeps the world! We can actually see the escalation of this negativity, seemingly worldwide, but we often do not know why it is so.

‘If we keep doing the same things hoping for a different result we are insane’ – Albert Einstein

Not Connecting The Dots…

This may sound incredible, but think back to previous times when the news highlight a crash of let’s say, a DC 10. These planes had a good track record, prior to this crash. The news elicit fear and anxieties about DC 10s and now you hear of them crashing again and again. It could be anything, not just DC 10s. The principles are the same. Once fear is involved, is maintained and increased, more of it is released in the atmosphere. More disaster is usually the end results.

We have just not been able to connect the dots. We see each act/result as unrelated, but they are not. It is all cause and effect.

‘Energy can be changed but not destroyed’ – Bob Proctor

What Else Is Involved?Flow Now this negativity is not only coming from the news media. The same goes for the movie industry. Look at the number of films that depict violence, disasters and horror! Sure, we know these are ‘just  movies’. Nevertheless just by watching these films, they attract and we vibrate just for a few seconds to a few minutes or longer, serious negative emotions in line with what we have observed. Be they anger, fear, hate, anxiety or worry. Our subconscious mind does not differentiate between what is imagined or what is physically real. Both are equally as real!

They have the same affect on our subconscious minds as does the negative news. Our subconscious mind holds the map of our reality. If it is programmed to think strife, fear, worry, anxiety and hate is the norm for us, we will surely have more of the same given to us. Our sub- conscious minds do not reason  about what is real and what is not. What it sees and hears causes an emotional response in us and as we FEEL we then vibrate that into our world.

So once again if you have ever wondered why this Planet is in such chaos, confusion and disaster or how God could allow all these negative things to happen? There’s your answer! God does not allow anything to happen, we’re causing it to happen through our collective energetic vibration. This has nothing to do with religion, it is pure science. See post on, What is Energy’? Part 1.

How Should I respond?

The mistake we make is that we focus our attention on what’s happening in the Angerrest of the world. The belief that we can change what’s happening in the rest of the world accounts for the endless social schemes and the organize drive for a better world. But our major illusion is that we are able to build a society that vibrates at a higher psychological and also spiritual level than we are doing ourselves.

You would think by now we have overwhelming proofs that this has never worked, and never will. The truth is that since we cannot create anything higher than our own vibrational level, we cannot change the collective vibrational level of society, and certainly not of the world.

Awareness is the key…

We can only change the world one person at a time! We need to remind ourselves and every individual on this planet that we can and must change the world from the inside out, starting with ourselves! We have devastating proofs that society’s outside in approach DOES NOT work! Many have tried over the years!

The cause is on the inside of us. Our lives, homes, families, communities, nations and world reflect back to us what we have been sending out collectively. Our world is like our looking glass it reflects back to us. EVERYTHING is energy!

So one of the very first things we need to be if we desire to increase our energy level is to become aware of how life works, how we vibrate, send and receiveGood Thinking energy. In short, how we are creating our own realities.

‘We cannot change our problem with the same level of consciousness that created it’ – Albert Einstein

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