How To Increase Energy Level! Part 1

How To Increase Energy Naturally

The long term solution to the things causing us pain, poverty, sickness, or lack, struggle, worries and limitation in our lives and beyond lies in our ability to teach ourselves and others how to create what we desire instead of what we do Man Thinkingnot desire.

Once we have become aware that we are our own ‘problem’ we can begin to look at how to change our lives. The only way that we can truly heal the world is to heal ourselves by changing what we attract into our lives. We cannot give what we do not have! Awareness is the key as we cannot be and do what we do not know about.

‘If you are currently experiencing anxiety, scarcity, depression, lack of love or an inability to attract what you desire, you must take a look at how you’ve been attracting these things into your life. Low quality energy is the attractor pattern for these things’ – Dr. Robert Anthony

If you still do not have what you desire, then you are not creating a vibrational match to your desire. You consciously desire one thing but subconsciously desire another. The obstacles that you face and the excuses that you make are creating a low energy vibration and your situation will not change until you decide to consciously connect to a higher vibratory level.

The Law of Attraction/Creation states, like attracts like. Since what we vibrate orbutterfly the energy we send out brings back to us its vibrational match, it is important that we are always conscious of what type of energy we are creating/ vibrating in every moment. Aim to be a conscious creator at all times by living in the present moment. Here’s a page on Our Focus.

“Being fully present is the best guarantee for a bright future.” – Guy Finley

Here are some of the practical things that you can do to help you raise your energy level:

  • Extend Acts of Kindness To Others – ask nothing in return

When you give, give generously, do this from the kindness of your heart and not with an expectation of thanks. Every act of kindness raises heartyour energy level and puts you into a vibrational match with your very own desires.

  • Walk without shoes – for about 15 minutes daily

Do this when possible, as connecting with nature draws out negativity and so heightens your intuition.

  • Practice Flip Switching In The Moment

This is one of the most powerful techniques for changing our vibrational level. See The Flip Switch post for more information.

  • Watch Your Favourite (favorite) Comedy DVDs and laugh haughtily from your belly!

Laughter opens up our blocked energy patterns, it releases feel-good harmonies, it helps to alkaline the blood. It relives your face and gives you a brighter Feel Good A Vital Keycountenance. It’s also good for facial lines!

A merry heart does good like a medicine’! Proverbs

  • Use Affirmations, (confessions) to change your consistent thoughts  

Remember our consistent thoughts are what brought us to where we are right now! To get where we desire to go we must change our consistent thoughts.

  • Wear Your Favourite Colours

Wear or have around you in your home and work areas colours (colors) that make you feel happy, confident and vibrant.

  • Avoid Low Energy Substances

Alcohol and virtually ALL artificial drugs legal or otherwise, lower your energy level and weaken you. Furthermore they put you into a position to attract more negative energy into your life. One of the major downside to using low energy substances is through the LoA, you will also attract people with similar low energy showing up regularly into your life.

  • Avoid Unhealthy Foods/Drinks, if possible

Add all process and fast foods, some meats and drinks to this list. Avoid acidic foods and drinks. Use more natural alkaline foods and drinks. Have a day free of your usual foods and eat fruits and drink plenty water to flush out your system. No! You will not starve in a day! Do a search on what foods are acidic or alkaline.

  • Avoid Low Energy Music ~ that disguises itself as high energy musicmusic

Any loud, harsh, pounding music with repetitive booming lowers your energy level and your ability to make conscious contact with your authentic self. This is why a lot of people are attracted to it! When listening to this type of music you are TOTALLY dis- connected from yourself, and so you are TOTALLY unconscious! Loud pounding music, especially with negative words, produces low energy vibrations that sends weakening messages to your subconscious and that will infiltrate your life with similar energies. See post Every Word I Speak.

  • Have Your Windows Open In The Day

The air flow in a room removes negative energy. Ever noticed when someone is depressed, they will close their windows and curtains/ blinds? They desire to be in a room alone with no light. This is a sign of negative energy at work. If this cycle is not broken it can escalate as the person’s feelings and energy worsen.

I hope you have received some use value from this post. Here is part 2

If you would like more clarity about how we create, and to do so deliberately, please click here.

There are no end of ways to increase energy levels. Please share some of your ways below so we can all learn together. I would love to hear what you think.

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