How Do We Create Our Lives? Part 2

How Do I Turn My Life Around?

This is the 2nd part of How Do We Create Our Lives?

To turn your life around your inner being must be in harmony. Your conscious Truth, knowledge, belief& subconscious mind must both be going in the same direction and desiring the SAME thing. Yes only then will 100% of your creative energy be harnessed and used for your desired purposes.

If you find yourself making a lot of excuses and justifying why you do not have what you desire, again your map of reality, (your subconscious mind’s blueprint) needs to be brought up to date! It will always need adjusting as we grow, change and reach for more in life. So that we can stop making these excuses for not having what we desire.

So What Is Our Problem?

We may have many excuses, but no reason for our continued failures in life!

Without exception, we ALL can correct our wrong thinking. Change is Inevitable, but growth and development are optional. Because it is not compulsory, butGood Thinking voluntary, we may not do it, and that is our right to choose.

For most of us it is not because we are lazy and unwilling. OK there will always be some people who are unwilling to pay the price to do what it takes to have DELIBERATE changes in their lives. That is also their right to choose.

Are YOU Ready?

For those, like myself, who are willing to do whatever it takes to know how to be a deliberate creator, we can do it, but there are some concepts we have to grasp. We have to become established in them. They have to become our souls’ foundation on which we build other principles and techniques.

Our understanding of how life, energy and success work needs to change.

FlowWe must raise our energy level to the point where we are a vibrational match to what we desire. See How To Increase Energy Level.

Updating Your Reality Map:

Here are some of the things we should do to reprogram our map of reality so that it gives us what we desire subconsciously as well as consciously. We can become ‘better’ people in our results and actions.

  • Stop Reliving And Telling Your Drama ~ 4

Stop reliving and telling your painful past story to others again and again! People with the most inspired, productive and fulfilling lives understand that if they don’t hang on to their past stories and their drama, they will not have to livemedieval up to them!

Do yourself a favour/favor, and let go of  it all! It is something that has happened to you, but it is not you. You have survived it, you are alive in spite of it. Each time you repeat it you are actually replaying it and this keeps you fixed on what has ALREADY happened, (you are now actually RE – living your past pain)!

We cannot drive a car forward in reverse gear! 😉

How can we move forward if we are constantly looking backwards? In other words, we can’t change what we’re focusing on, as unknowingly we are ADDING more energy to it.

I have used this quote a few times already, but it bears repeating here. Let these words mean something EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT to you. You MUST GET IT! I am putting my heart into this because it is vital.

Unless you get this, nothing will change. It does not matter how many self-help car reversing lampbooks or programs we buy and use. If we do not FULLY understand HOW we’re responsible for creating our lives we will keep going around in circles and not achieving what we know in our hearts we can achieve.

Have I Got Your Full Attention Now?

‘The Universe reads our INTENTION by where we place our ATTENTION‘! ~ Mary Morrissey

By dwelling on our negative past WE ARE instructing our subconscious minds to give us more negative and painful emotions that we are currently feeling at the precise moment we are rehearsing it yet again. And…

WE ARE instructing the Universe, (by our emotional feelings WE ARE experiencing at that exact time to send us more and similar events, circumstances, people and situations that will bring forth similar pain and emotions in our future.

All creation is done in the PRESENT MOMENT. When we are sending out feelings of painful memories, regret, anger etc we are ‘giving orders‘ for more of this! We are creating THERE and THEN. It does not matter that we are UNAWARE of it, at least not to our subconscious minds and Universal Laws. Both follow our focus.

Get Yourself Calm Again 🙂

Breathe deeply and exhale slowly. If you need to, go over Mary’s quote and the last 3 paragraphs. Do not skim read this. If you do, you could miss the essence ofgirl it. It is important – vitally so!

By dwelling on our negative past in our minds, and as a result expressing it vibrationally, verbally or by our actions we are in ‘reverse’ gear. We are not going anywhere as we are not moving forward, just backward. This is why people will say they ‘feel stuck’.

They recognize they are not making progress in life despite their best efforts and ‘hard work’, which is not a good thing.  Effort and hard work is not the answer. The answer is getting our conscious and subconscious mind in agreement on what we desire in life. After that, anything we do will succeed if we are following sound principles on the how to.

It Gets Worst…!

Our subconscious mind is always working, it’s designed to work. It works in powerful ways. It is simply working ‘against us’, but as faithfully as if it was giving us what we asked for or desired consciously. It does not make value judgments or debate if what we thought, felt, said or did were what we intended.

This is why we are taught to be conscious, mindful and live in the present moment. These are all vital aspects for keeping the conscious mind in the present. When our minds wander off, we think thoughts that are contrary to what we have asked for consciously when we are focusing.

We then have feelings that are negative resulting from our thoughts. We feel bad, positivetransmit more negative vibrations but decide we will meditate, pray, visualize or whatever our chosen methods are for renewing the mind.

We see no positive results, just more of the same or worst. We are disappointed and discouraged. We vibrate some more negative and the vicious cycle continues. Sometimes with anger we think, feel and say, ‘It does not work for me’!

Now we are adding ‘our practices and manifestations do not work for us,’ to the mix. Our subconscious mind and Laws will see to that for us too! Your Awareness Is The Key!

…And Worst!

The subconscious mind is aware of ALL of this even when we are not aware consciously. It’s been said we think 60,000-100,000 thoughts daily and we are only conscious of about 5% of them. So, (if this figure be true), then 95% of our subconscious thoughts are stacked against us because we did not choose them consciously.

To be conscious creators, we have to BE AWARE of our thoughts. Mindfulness is needed. We need to reprogram our subconscious mind so we can stop in effect, cancelling out our desired results, whilst reaping our undesired subconscious results.

‘In life, we do not get what we consciously want, we get what we subconsciously expect ~ Dr Robert Anthony

We need to have our prayers, affirmations/confessions, visualizations and good Imaginationimagination techniques etc work for us. We must stop sending out conflicting signals. We are causing confusion within our beings unknowingly. When harmony exist this leads to creation, be it positive or negative harmony.

We Did Not Know!

The majority of the population on Planet Earth still do not know this. Our not knowing about energy and how it works has resulted in an escalation of negative events worldwide.

We have the information, there is no shortage of this information on the internet for free or for payment. We need to apply understanding to what we are doing into our daily practices.

This is not written to discourage but to show a few of the areas that we are overlooking unintentionally.

On A Final Note…

It is not wrong to share our situations with a friend who can support, advise and personhelp us. The same thing applies to seeing counselors and therapists etc. There’s an intent and purpose to all of that.

The important thing is, do not restate your painful past issues for the sake of doing it &/or for eliciting sympathy, as that is HARMFUL TO ALL concerned; speaker and listeners. Every Word I Speak!

We can make a change, but the change starts with each one of us in our own life first.  Let us make the adjustments.

Will YOU? Here is part 3. To come. 😉

Thanks for visiting, reading and sharing below.

EJ   ***