How Do We Create Our Lives? Part 1

How Can I Change My Life?

This post is a follow on from How Do I Create My LifeThis adds more depth of information.

You change or create your life by knowing what you desire, by having a burning desire for its achievement and by deliberate creation, as opposed to creating by default. Creating by default is simply seeing results that are not pleasing and then wonder why and how they got into your life in the first place.

You are not aware you are responsible for them as no one ever told you we are all creators of our own realities and that collectively we are responsible for the negative situations on a global level.

Do We Really Have Bad Luck?                       dice

Some people end up thinking they simply have ‘bad luck’! They either were born that way or they acquired that ‘bad luck’ in life. We usually find plenty of proofs for the things we believe too! This is significant as this is exactly how creation works! We do get what we are believing for on a subconscious level.

The masses create by default because they are not yet aware they are creators of their own lives and that whatever shows up in their lives is as a result of their thought (seeds) over a period of time.

The 2 Phases of Our Mind:

To create what you desire your conscious and subconscious mind must be in agreement. You can consciously desire something, however, if you have a contrary program running at a deeper subconscious level, your conscious desires will not be fulfilled.

Let’s be very clear right here, you will still create, but you will only create your subconscious programs. However, because you are unaware of these programs, you are unaware you are a creator of your own realities of life, how the Universe and Universal Laws work, it is no surprise it looks like we are unlucky!

Your conscious mind controls less than 3% and your subconscious mind controls over 97% of your life. It is easy to see which of the 2 phases of your mind will win. This figure varies according to which teacher you listen to. The top of the iceberg equates the 3% and the part under water equates the 97%. Much more is below the surface than we are aware of!

Your homework…

It is not possible to say everything in one post, I will now refer you to several posts that all deal with aspects of what I desire to take deeper in this post.

See: What Is Energy? Part 1, The Words I Speak!, How Do I Create My Life? & How To Increase Energy. You can always add more posts for greater clarity. For some free foundation material – Your Wish Is Your Command” – Kevin Trudeau

How To Improve Our Creation…

If you bring your program up to date, so to speak, and harmonize both phases of mind then you can have whatever you desire in life, as 100% of your soul’s power will be backing you.

‘In order for your creative system to work it needs at least 70% of your creative energy to be available in the present moment’ – Dr R. Anthony

If you feel that you are ‘stuck’ in life, your map of reality needs updating! It will always need to be changed as we grow and develop. Change is a constant. Achieving this will change our lives in some good ways. Change Is Inevitable!

Updating Your Reality Map: (i.e.changing your subconscious mind blueprint)Gene Lamp

Here are some of the things that you will need to implement in order to update your subconscious mind so it works for you instead of against you.

  • Stop Focusing On What Is Missing From Your Life ~ 1

To create what you desire you must first catch yourself in the moment, as you are focusing on what you do not desire to have, what’s missing from your life, or what you don’t desire to happen. In other words, focusing on the opposite of what you desire.

Then you must shift, in that moment, using the flip switch technique and with affirmations from what is missing in your life, to what you absolutely intend to manifest and create in your life with no doubt, and uncertainty or reasoning against what you desire. Know what you desire and do not budge in your mind!

You must put yourself in a state of accepting and certainty. Be joyful, thankful and happy! Maintaining this state will keep undesired creations at bay. See what you desire in your mind’s eye! Visualize it! Focus on it! Think about it!

  • Stop Thinking About Your Present Circumstances ~ 2

Stop thinking about your present limited circumstances and then Imaginationbelieving this will keep you from having what you desire. You must know that no matter how bad or how difficult things are in the moment, they are only temporary! So they are ALL subject to change! And they will only last as long as you keep your attention on them! Imagine what you desire instead! Do it again and again…

If others are involved in a negative situation, know you cannot force change on anyone as that is not your responsibility. You can share your wisdom with them, but their final decision rest with them. Your task is YOU! See your desired goals!

If you refer back to the first 2 paragraphs above you can remind yourself why this is SO vital.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change’ – Dr Robert Anthony

  • Stop Thinking About What Has Always Been – The Past ~ 3

This is the same as thinking about your limited present circumstance. When your inner talk focuses on the way things have always been, you will keep doing things the way you have always done.

If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you will keep getting what you have been getting. The reason is simple, you are using the power of deliberate creation in reverse.

This is… Insanity’! Albert Einstein                mindset

The ego tries to keep us out of the present moment as it has no power or control in the present but only in the past. Now you know why we should control the thoughts in our mind!


These are a few of the things that we must adjust in our subconscious minds, where our blueprint for living is engraved. So that we can stop ‘feeling stuck’ in our lives and not having what we desire.

In reality we cannot be ‘stuck’ as energy is always moving. ‘Feeling stuck’ is an indication that we are making the same mistakes again and again.

We should always gain the benefit from life’s lessons and move forward armed with a little more wisdom for later use.

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