How Do I Create My Life?

It is good to know about the existence of energy, but how do I use it to create my own realities is the question.  Unless we can make it practical, it is simply just more information being collected and stored in our awesome computer, but our results do not change.

Can I use Energy To Create My Life?                Daydreamer

Since everything is energy, the answer to that question is a resounding YES! See Energy Part 1. There is great energy and power inside of each one of us. Yes, I said EACH ONE of us. Many are unaware of this but it is still true. This power is released with less effort when we are focused on our true heart’s desires, our real passions, the thing/s that keeps us awake at nights and wakes us up early in the mornings. The thing that we will do however difficult it gets.

This power some call Creative Magnetic Energy. This power allows us to create. It has a magnetic pull, drawing the elements that knit the various parts of our desires together. We will not necessarily know what is going on behind the scene, (under the radar), but once we have some basic idea about how we actually create our realities, we can continue to take inspired action even when it seems like nothing is going on in the physical realm where we are.

Farming Principles:

Let me use something physical and well known to illustrate my point. No, I am not a farmer and I am not teaching you about farming 🙂

Think of a farmer, he gets his land ready, he purchases whatever seeds he desires to plant. He knows when it’s planting season and when it’s time to reap. As a farmer, he has all the information needed to get started. He will gain more information, skills and experience the longer he does farming. He does not need to know everything before he starts, just enough to get going.

His passion is not so much knowing all that can be know about farming, but just enough to start. So he plants his crop, his seeds are in the ground. He is now dependent on nature to do her part and provide the conditions for his seeds to grow. He is living his dream of farming.

Faith Is Based On Knowledge                                      mindset

He has the faith that since this is the way nature works – seedtimeharvest, he does not need to loose sleep at nights wondering if he has done the right thing by putting his seeds in the ground.

He knows his father and grandfather and several generations before them all did it this way. So he is confident that the same thing will work for him because farming is governed by Physical Laws for example, sowing and reaping, seed, time, harvest and the various seasons.

Creating our own desire has its own principles and is also governed by Spiritual Laws. Some call them Laws of Nature or Universal Laws.

Creative Magnetic Energy (CME)

Due to its magnetic pull, CME will draw people, conditions, events, resources and circumstances together into our lives to fulfill our heart’s desires. We may not know the entire process on a scientific level, any -more than a farmer knows how a seed produces so much more than itself as a result of being under the soil.

‘You must have a burning desire for the achievement of your dream’ – Napoleon Hill

Creation Principle Number 1

You have to know what you desire in your heart. Until that is done, this CME remains dormant in us. Remember the farmer had to do something with his seeds. He had to know and do the right thing if he was going to get the right results. When we do not know this we do not aim for much in life and we drift.

This desire must be a passion that inspires us from within.

Everything that you and I will ever be, do or have is a direct result of using this energy. We use it whether we are aware of its existence or not. The benefits of knowing about it is that we can use it consciously. When we do so, we can expect a result. Even if the result obtained is not as specific as plantswe desired, it will be as good or even better than anticipated.

As for the farmer, his type of crop will be specific, but the yield could me infinitely greater than he had expected, (all things being equal).

How And When Have We Used CME?

A few of our achievements in life from birth until now: being able to talk, walk, read, ride a bike, drive a car, use a phone/computer, build a business, fly an air plane, you name it, are evidences that we have consciously or unconsciously tuned into our heart’s desire and at that moment release the CME within us to create.

This is what powers our natural success mindset as a child in early life. We have all observed a baby learning to walk-it’s effort. What tenacity, determination and strong faith they exhibit, (all unconsciously) that she will walk. They normally havegirls walking together some helpers around to encourage and cheer them on in the process. Normally the end result, (unless there is a physio- logical problem), that baby does walk.

Our CME is one of our greatest gifts but we are, on the whole, unaware of its awesome power. As a result of this we do not use it to its capacity. When you tap into your CME you can achieve your heart’s desire in any area of your life. At present it may be dormant and undeveloped energy in you that needs to be put to use. It does not leave you as long as you are alive.

Like electricity in our homes, it is always available, so we can tap into it as and when we chose to. Our supply is unlimited, it is always there and at any time we can convert it to energy in motion, (e-motion) to create our desired outcome.

There’s no premium on our ignorance! We will go deeper into this in anotherlight bulb post.

Do you not agree that since we have it, we should at least hear about it?

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