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Butterfly & CaterpillarWelcome to my Soul Transfiguration website where I will be discussing Real Life issues that affect us all; some of the reasons why they occur, i.e. the causes behind these issues; and the how to change these causes so we can experience different effects!

I am EJ, a fairly new recruit to the Self-Development, (Self Awareness) Forte. I was in it, loving it, being baffled and amazed by it before I even knew what it was called! I found that out much later!

As I began to recover from the startling realization that I had no idea how life really worked, (and yet not knowing I did not know), I began to see that most of mankind is in the same predicament, (tight spot) I was and still is in to some degree. I am still a work in progress! This is a life time of changing for the better!

We all know life is just not working as it should, but we often have no idea why it is not and even less of an idea how to ‘fix it’ despite our best efforts! We point to outward things: people, situations, events, our past, our jobs, our home life, you name it. We think they, (whatever those things), are the causes of our ‘problems’.

But have you noticed, we cannot ‘fix’ anything, or anyone Caterpillar Changingoutside of ourselves? This ‘fixing’ has little or nothing to do with just changing our actions though. No, it goes much deeper than that! Real change starts within.

As I listened, read and learnt the ‘how life really worked’ teachings of various self-help teachers, I inwardly knew others needed to be informed. We would not be destroying ourselves at such an alarming rate worldwide if we knew how to do otherwise. Would we?!

We are unconsciously destroying ourselves. The vast majority of mankind on Planet Earth do not know this! We think our ‘problems’ are as a result of ___ You can fill in the blank here.

“It is impossible to continue to create negative results in your life and do it consciously. All the negative results you are creating, you will continue to create for your entire life as long as you do it unconsciously” – Dr. Robert Anthony.

That being the case, I will do my utmost, my part in communicating some of what I have come to learn about how we are creating our lives by default, our unconscious creations. I will express in written words how to awaken from our self imposed sleep and some of the steps we can all take to turn our lives around.

It is astounding how once you begin to SEE IT for yourself,butterfly you wonder why it has taken you so long to realize how life does work. It is like a veil being lifted from your face and things that were shrouded have suddenly become clearer in that instance.

To obtain benefit from this site you have to be looking for answers to life’s puzzling questions and be open to receive those answers whenever life hands them to you, once you have verified for yourself that this is correct. If you can relate, it will be my pleasure conversing with you here at Soul Transfiguration.

Soul Transfiguration website is a catalyst, a channel for change. The aim is to help us become more aware, and as a result, making the changes necessary so we can experience our manifestations and lessen the pain.

I will be recommending quality products of teachers who have and are still impacting my life in positive ways, in the hope these materials will have the same, or an even greater effect on you. I am still in the process of changing my own self-sabotaging mindset as I write this!

‘I have not arrived, but I have left!’ Andrew Wommack.

Someone said, ‘The ignorance of our upbringing is our common enemy’. This man’s quote is loaded, but as I don’t know his name I can’t give him the credit!Transfiguration

Soul Transfiguration/transformation is all about inward, timely, progressive soul changes. It is like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly. If we did not already know from where the butterfly came, there is no way we could have guessed looking at the differences between them both! And so it is with us!

Once change takes place there, (in our souls, the subconscious mind to be precise); nothing can stop its outworking! It is like turning on a light in a dark room and seeing the darkness vanishing!

May we release the dreams of our hearts and souls together into our world.

Here’s a 3:10 minutes video for you – enjoy! Thanks Chris Cade

“Dreams Are Whispers From The Soul”

Thank you for stopping by and reading!

From EJ

The creator of this Soul Transfiguration website.

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