Every Word I Speak! Part 1

Are You An Effective Speaker? 

How effective are you in your everyday communication? Speaking WordsNo, not as a public speaker, (not everyone is). But are you aware that every word uttered from your mouth affects everyone who hears it?

Avoid using words like:

‘Why is life so stressful?’ ‘Why is life so meaningless?’ Or worst, ‘Why my life is so stressful and so meaningless?’ ‘Why does this always happen to me?’ ‘Why am I always so unlucky’? etc

You are now personalizing it. Your subconscious mind is being told how stressful, meaningless and unlucky you are and that (bad) things always happen to you! This constitutes asking for, and you will be given more of the same! You are focused on the negative aspects of your life and you are giving more power to it by your words and energy!

This is sowing, (the cause), and Universal Laws will ensure you reap a harvest, (the effect). This is all our unconscious creations however.

In light of that, what consequences are you having on your audience? Be they your family, friends, work colleagues, your neighbours, (neighbors), your boss or the person who serves you in your local shop or super- market? The possible interactions are endless, but the results are the same however.

What Kind of A Speaker Are You?Happy Face

If you are of a comical nature, people probably laugh heartily around you and you are a delight to be with. You easily elicit laughter without even trying to do so! If you are an angry, resentful person, you may induce fear, hatred or worst! You will not attract too many happy people in your circle of influence for long!

If you are a loving, peaceful and easy going person you may induce pleasant feelings in those around you. If you are a complementary person you may boost others’ self-worth. Get the idea?

Words Are Seeds! Angry Face

Without fail, whatever our disposition, every word we speak produce its effect on the hearer. The effect maybe huge or minimal. The reason being, words, (like thoughts) are seeds and they carry life or death. They are containers carrying vibration and energy into the Universe.

We no doubt, have all being around someone who says something whether generally or specifically to us, and our first response is to leave that atmosphere for somewhere less offensive. And all they did was to utter some WORDS!

Think about this, there is one person who hears everything that you say, (some may say God, yes), but that person is YOU!

That being said, whatever the individual consequences we have on other people is an accumulative effect that we have upon ourselves. The power of our words and their outcome in shaping our lives are tremendous.

Sadly we are often unaware of it. It is this lack of awareness on our part that is destroying our lives. Awareness is the key!

The Power of Words – Less than 2 minutes long. Enjoy! Thanks Chris Cade

Here is Part 2

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‘How Do I Change My Mindset To Attract Success?’

What Is Meant By Mindset?

‘Your mindset is a fixed mental attitude or disposition that pre-determines a person’s responses to situations and his inter- pretation of those situations. This attitude influences his actions in any given situation. A state or frame of mind, attitude, approach and outlook in life. You can train yourself to have a certain mindset’ – Chris Oyakilome

Wow! It appears where we end up in life is determined by our mindset! So if where we find our self in life is not where we consciously desired to be, the way to turn things around is to first work on our mindset, (an inside job), and as it is changed, so does our direction in life, (the out- ward manifestation). But how do I change my mindset to give me what I desire in life?

Do you know what the one common difference is between you/I and every successful person on the Planet? It is our MINDSET. The successful person’s mindset is set to succeed! Whereas ours were set to keep us where we are! Safe, (so called) and seemingly ‘stuck’ going around in circles never making any real progress! Busy going nowhere like a hamster on a wheel.

When Did Our Programming Start?         Hamster on a Wheel

Our mindset is largely  programmed by society when we were very young. Some of the programmers were our very own family members who brought us up. None of this rather destructive programming was done maliciously however. They all simply passed on to us what they were taught as children and came to believe as truth about life.

Such things like, ‘Money does not grow on trees’. ‘No pain, no gain’. ‘Good things come to those who wait’, (and wait and wait…). ‘Money is the root of all evil’, etc. All of these seem rather harmless and to some even truthful.

However, to a young impressionable mind, these are poisonous beliefs that will have serious repercussions, (results) later in life, (often for life), until we know better!

‘Mindset is a fixed belief system formed by our past experiences, education and training’ – Dr Robert Anthony.

Some Results of Our Programming!

Have you noticed our ‘fixed belief system’ has done a huge job at keeping us there in the past, running on the spot, so to speak, being busy yet never really making any real progress despite our best efforts to bring about changes in our Mindsetlives?

In the main we are working on the wrong end of things. We think if we can only change our actions we will have a different result. It sounds logical and very reasonable. But our ACTIONS are not the primary issue, our MIND -SETS are!

Our actions are determined by our thoughts and feelings, (what goes on, on the inside of us). So unless we change the blueprint, (our inner map of reality or our subconscious mind) NOTHING we do on the outside will have any lasting effect. It is like trying to fix the image of your face via the mirror rather than your actual face itself! We will always revert to our blueprint, (our default mode, our inner compass and our emotional set point). Those are the things charting our course.

‘The people in the less than 1 percent of society who succeed are actually the ones who failed to be programmed by society’ – Andy Shaw

The said programming however, worked on the unsuccessful 99+ percent of people! But like a computer, the good news is that programs can be uninstalled and new programs can be installed! You can have the mindset of a successful person. Then and only then you will succeed at whatever you set your heart and mind toward.

Until we change our mindsets, nothing we do will deliver our true potential because our mindset is the foundation of our success. Changing our mindset is no overnight accomplishment, but it is more than worth the time, dedicated effort, money and patience invested in it.

Achieving our goals by arriving at our desired destination is a hugely rewarding and fulfilling accomplishment!

‘Your mindset guarantees either your success or failure in what -ever you choose to do!’ Andy Shaw  Good Thinking

Psychologist, (Dr Carol Dweck) states some people believe we have either a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. Those in the fixed mindset group believe your mindset is based on your inherent nature, (you were born that way). And those in the growth mindset group believe anyone can be good at anything because it is down to the actions you take in life. So your talents can be developed and improved. She concluded we can all change our mindset to achieve success and fulfillment at any stage of our lives. See her book: (Mindset Online).

But can we Really change our mindset? YES! There are ways to build a more positive mindset. Your mindSET is never set in stone.

How Do I Change My Mindset?

1) One of the first things we do is become aware that there is a program running in our mind that is built to sabotage our success and progress, by keeping us ‘safe’. Awareness is always the first step towards implementing change.

2) Listen to your inner self-talk. Do not judge it, struggle or fight it, just listen. Then question the validity of what you are told. Statements like:

‘Don’t do that, (whatever good thing that is), because you might fail!’ ‘You are a failure.’ ‘You will make a fool of yourself.’ ‘What will people say?’ ‘I have to work hard for my money.’ Blah, Blah! …

3) Decide for yourself, is that self-talk taking you towards or away from success?

4) Replace the fear-based excuse for not taking action with a more affirmative confession, (affirmation) repeatedly. You are overwriting the old program.

5) People use visualization techniques, mind movies, Pinterest, vision boards …

6) Other people use subliminal audios and/or positive affirmations to train the brain and subconscious mind. They can be trained just like physical muscles.

7) We can use books, (PDF) and audio teaching programs to reeducate our brains and our minds of our inherent abilities.           Changing My Brain

8) Some use meditation and others  hypnosis technique to (bypass an analytical mind) and reach the sub-conscious mind where the faulty programs are installed.

9) A combination of techniques can be used. Repeat the above processes as often and as long as is necessary until change results.

A mindset is a fixed way of thinking, an outlook, a standpoint, a particular viewpoint that we hold on to in and about life and its workings.

If you would like some help in changing your mindset click here

Do you have/know some additional ways of changing our mindsets that you desire to share? I would love to hear them!

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What Are You Thinking?

We are what we think!

If we are happy it’s because we are thinking happy thoughts. If we are sad, it’s because we are thinking thoughts that result in the feelings of sadness. As we Sad Facethink, so are we. With our thoughts we create our own unique world. Thoughts and ideas always proceed actions. But how can I switch my thinking off you may ask?

The homes we live in, the clothes we wear and our transportation modes were all at one time just a THOUGHT in someone’s mind! That is where all creation takes place. The physical manifestations are the end results or the out workings of the primary and the first creations. EVERYTHING starts WITHIN!

That being said, what we think on is vitally important because we are creating at all times with our thoughts. If our minds are the gardens, then our thoughts are the seeds we are planting. We alone determine the nature of our harvest by the type of seeds we plant. When we consciously monitor our thoughts we have less unwanted creation in our lives. Our unconscious thinking gives us unwanted things, events, circumstances and situations.

What Are You ThinkingWhat Are You Thinking Right Now?

Our thoughts become things. That being the case, we need to think on the things we desire to experience in life, the things we desire more of. The things that make us feel grateful, abundant and happy to be alive!

Such thoughts align our inner being with the things we desire to experience instead of the things we have that we would rather not have! The more conscious we become of our thoughts, the more we align our words with the things we desire to create, which in turn will result in us taking the right actions in life to bring them to pass or to attract, (create) the circumstances, events and people that will aid us in doing so.

It is said we think anywhere from 60,000-100,000 thoughts in a day. I wonder how these numbers are arrived at!  However, we are apparently only consciously aware of about 5 percent of these thoughts. This is how weHappy To Be Alive create unconsciously the undesirable things that we  see in our lives. And we wonder how did these happen? These are ALL our unconscious (thoughts) creations.

We need to be mindful, (have our minds full) of the things that lead to a better life, that will result in thanksgiving. We start by focusing on the good things that are around us and we practice saying, Thank You! Being thankful creates an attitude of gratitude. This results in us having even more things to be grateful for. Whatever we give out, we get back as sowing and reaping. Energy is always flowing, nothing in life stands still.

Someone might be tempted to say, ‘there is nothing in my life to be thankful for’. If you will look a little deeper you will find something! There is always something to be grateful for, however small. By thinking you have no reason to be grateful, this has resulted in you finding more things to be unhappy and ungrateful about.

Turn the whole negative cycle around by redirecting your focus. Instead, look for the good in every situation. Monitor your thoughts, they have led you in the wrong direction because you were not consciously aware of what was happening in your mind, but now you are alerted. Take control of your thoughts, direct them in the way of your DELIBERATE choosing and you will experience different results.

‘If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change’ – Dr Robert Anthony                                     Good Thinking

I ask you again, What are we (you and I) thinking?’

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