What Is Energy? Part 2


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What Is It About Energy?

‘Everything you see on earth is made from one original substance, out of which all things proceed… There is no limit to the supply of Formless Stuff, or Original Substance’. Wallace D. Wattles.

This is a quote taken from the book – The Science of Getting Rich. The names of things change over time, but not necessarily their meanings. Here Wallis is talking about something called Formless Stuff, elsewhere he calls it ‘Thinking Stuff’ and several other names throughout the book, which I will not take time to list. Today, in the West we call this same thing Energy.

From what I have studied this ‘stuff’ is known about in some cultures and thanks to them, information about it has been preserved from generation to generation. Now thanks to the availability of computers, smart phones, other devises and the internet anyone, anywhere as long as they have access to these tools can learn about this magnificent ‘stuff’ now called energy, also.

Some Knew About It…

In China they call it chi, (sounds like chee), the Japanese calls it ki, (sounds like key) and in Asia, the Hindu calls it prana, (life energy/force). They all knew it is essential to our soul and body and our physical life cannot be maintained without it. We were told about the essence of oxygen to our life but not this one.

This energy is always moving, it is coming into and going out of us at happy older manall times. Its measurement is 0 at the time of death. We need about 70% of it to create our realities by design. Yes it can be measured due to equipment that are available now to those in the medical and scientific fields.

Those with this knowledge know how to store excess of this energy in parts of the body. I think the largest storage area is the lower dantian, (dan te an) i.e. the lower 3 energy centres/centers area in the abdominal region, (the belly). Knowledgeable mediators and those in the martial arts are well versed in this acquisition of energy in their bodies. It promotes health, strength and mental acuity, (sharpness), to name but a few of its many and varied benefits. It is by means of this ENERGY that we create.

If you have ever wondered how Bruce Lee and many others could do those phenomenal feats with their bodies – think energy storage and release as necessary; and of course disciplined, continuous training. What made someone he hits literally fly across a room before landing? Energy released from the point of contact with his body!

Healing Using Energy

Some may have heard of healing arts like acupuncture where they use needles to unblock your energy and allow the natural flow of it to resume. Tapping of different kinds, here the fingers are used to do the same thing. By tapping on energy points at various parts of the body you shift negative energy, (pain, worry, fear, anger etc). You may also have heard of Reiki, yet another form of energy balancing and healing. Rei stands for universal, and ki, as I said above, stands for energy.

All of these practices and many others use the movement of energy to bringWorried face of a child healing to the soul and body.

If you are interested in pursuing more inform -ation about any of these healing modalities, You Tube is a great place to look. Tapping, (the Emotional Freedom Technique), is probably the easiest of them all. With the use of 2 of your finger tips tapping on certain points on mainly your face, (energy points), in a matter of a few minutes you can relive some of your own physical and emotional pain. If you are able bodied, you do not need the help of anyone else to do it. It is pain free and it leaves you feeling relaxed.

Many of us do tapping without being aware that’s what we are doing. Think of the many times we felt pain and discomfort in a limb, a joint, or any other place in the body. Almost without thought we instinctively reach for and ‘pat’ that area with our fingers or palms for a few seconds. We don’t know why we do it, yet we know it brings some relief, even for a short while. Now think energy!

There’s More…

Even simple acts like smiling, laughing, deep breathing and stretching have positive effects on the energy in our body. You know how good it feels when we wake up in the mornings and get out of bed, (or even before) to have a good, long stretch, we are shifting our own energy un -knowingly.

It is with this same energy we create financial abundance and we do so by engaging the things that we love and feel passionate about. We do this by giving to and serving others; and as a result, we are given to. To implement any change however, we start with the mind. We release our limiting beliefs about money and reprogram ourselves for abundance. It is all energy and we can change it.

Now that we are understanding more about energy, we can Happy Facebegin to open up to some of what we have been closed to due to our lack of awareness and knowledge. Energy affects every area of our lives.

‘My people are destroyed because they lack knowledge’. Hosea

Our ignorance has been our downfall in life. As we become more aware this changes.

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Here’s a 3 minutes inspiration The Extra Degree

Thanks Chris Cade for the video.

The Science of Getting Rich – Wallace D. Wattles is in the public domain.

Do you think we can all learn, change and grow together? Please share your thoughts and insights below.

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What Is Energy? Part 1

As A child, I was told in school that energy is the ability to do work. In an online dictionary, it says: ‘The capacity for work or vigorous activity’. And although there is truth in that, that is limited information and understanding  of, and about energy. There is SO MUCH more!

Now science is saying energy is EVERYTHING. So things seen and unseen are not made of energy, but are in fact energy. Energy is everything, (at least everything that man understands and knows anything about at the present time. But where is energy found?

Sky at night

Where Is Energy found?

Everything here means: everything physical and none physical. Our bodies, homes and money, nature, the air we breathe, the moon, the planets, our minds, beliefs, thoughts, worries, fear, stress, hate and our words. You name it, it’s all energy. And yet very few of us have ever heard this growing up. It is not commonly taught so is largely still unknown.

The ENERGY I will be addressing here is the energy with which we function and create our realities. We will explore its’ numerous names elsewhere.

If you desire to know more of this research Quantum Physics. That’s a branch of physics that deals with the study of what is and how energy works at the macroscopic, (tiny, minuscule and invisible to the naked eye) level. Before I leave the ‘science aspect’ of this it is also stated that 99% of ALL that exist in the entire Universe is INVISIBLE. Can you imagine that?!

That may not sound interesting at first, yet as you will learn here at Soul Transfiguration about how we manifest our invisible into our physical reality, it is vital to grasp that things are not real ONLY when you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch them. Things are real from the moment you can conceive, (imagine, think up, picture) them in your mind. This is where the power of visualization and imagination fits in.

‘You don’t know what you don’t know’ – Kevin Trudeau.

‘I will believe it when I see it’!                            Worried face

Now you can understand how useless and detrimental that kind of ‘believing’ is. In reality, you have to believe it first to be able to see it! You ‘need’ to know it is real before you SEE it! Then as you act in accordance with what you believe and know, you can allow it to come to you in the physical realm.

Creation takes place well BEFORE you can SEE ANY physical evidence of it.

Are You Getting It?

While I am ‘at it’ let me also state that, when it comes to your own desires being manifested into your physical realm, before it is seen, 99% of its’ creation is already DONE in the unseen, (or spiritual) realm. So to stress, worry and be anxious about what you are desiring to see come to pass, is to actually SLOW down, (at best) your manifestation, or prevent or abort, (at worst), the very thing you are asking, (or praying) for.

Happy SmileThese are some of the areas that we know nothing of and as a result, we are failing again and again. As we learn how our life works, in the quantum, (spiritual) realm and in our natural physical realm we will experience an increasing level of success with joy and confidence, as we see our manifestations.

The things we desire are supposed to come to us. We should anticipate and look forward to having them. When we are unknowingly pushing them away, (as so much is being done behind the scene), we come to the wrong conclusion that we are not meant to have anything good in life as we are undeserving etc.

Energy is said to be omnipotent, (all powerful), omnipresent, (every- where), omniscient, (all knowing). Some of you may be offended by these characteristics being ascribed to energy. But think, if all things were created by God, (I address those who believe in the God of the Bible on this point), why would not His creation reflect Him? We agree our good creations reflect us! You do not have to subscribe to energy being god, just subscribe to it being a part of this wonderful creation we are living in. Now back to everybody ;-).

Where is energy Found? In view of the above paragraphs, there is NOWHERE in the Universe were energy is not. That means, WE ALL HAVE FULL ACCESS TO IT AT ALL TIMES, EVERYWHERE. We are using this energy knowingly or unknowingly. We cannot help but use it as it is everywhere. How we are using it, is the issue. Like oxygen, we can access it as much and as often as we desire to!

‘If you do not know the purpose of a thing, you will abuse it’ – Dr Myles Munroe.

Planet Earth has seen an ever increasing level of ‘energy abuse’ and it has all Angerbeen done to our own detriment. Just look at the state of our world! It is no coincidence that life is the way it is. We have been creating our own pain and suffering all along, we have just been doing it un- consciously. No one has taught us otherwise and so we did not know, nor could we do any better. The world is full of anger, hate, war and fear etc. Energy being misused and it becomes destructive.

Here at my Soul Transfiguration website I will endeavour, (endeavor) to share information that will cause us to think and see where the areas of ignorance in our lives are, pertaining to how we create, so that we can turn things around for our good, and the good of our entire Planet.

Thank you Chris Cade for this 8:54 mins video of some positive energy in motion!

‘Change for a Dollar’… Watch This Heart warming Video Right Now

How does that sound to you? Do you think we can all learn, change and grow together?  Please share your insights below.

What Is Energy? Part 2 

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Who Is Holding Me Back?

In your younger days did you have some big dreams, ambition and ideas of doing something great? Some of us did, but it never materialized. Life do get in theHand cuffed way, so to speak.

We justify not achieving our aim by saying things like, ‘I have a job to do, a  wife/husband, children & parents to take care of’. Sometimes it’s other limitations like, not enough time, education, therefore not enough money to invest in myself. I have some physical disabilities, (short- sighted, stutter, dyslexia, kidney problems, migraine, deafness, one limb missing), the list could be longer! However we are simply chained up and kept captive by our faulty beliefs.

In the end we go through life thinking and stating it was because of this or that, I ended up never doing the things I really wanted to do in my life. We can end up taking the skills, gifts and talents, that are so lavishly A Cemeterybestowed upon us in our souls to the grave. Oh how tragic!

‘The richest place on earth is the cemetery’! Dr. Myles Munroe

My desire is that all those who manifested my Soul Transfiguration website into their lives will find some use value here to help them rethink about what they once longed to do as a child. What they still have available to them, all the things they can do, (but have not yet done – their true potential). Regardless of your age and ability, you can do something, you have come here, on earth, for a unique purpose.

If you will make use of the free tools and materials provided here and make a decision to do something with your life and make a difference, before you leave, you can turn things around. We all can do this in different ways and to differing degrees. It is never too late. Planet Earth needs all the help she can get. There are so many people suffering needlessly all because of their ignorance about life.

Your Wish Is Your Command – Kevin Trudeau.           Genie Lamp

Once you have access to the internet and can find materials, (free or paid for), there is nothing to stop you, but you. You can find this out for yourself with the first listed program of my free resources. Studying that alone could start you thinking in ways you never had before because you will hear ideas and concepts you have never heard before.

‘If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change’ Dr. Robert Anthony.

The ‘reasons’ you have given for your ‘failure’ in life, up to this point, may seem very real to you, (and so they have become real), but others have had those same challenges and much more and they have surmounted them. So can you! Your ‘reasons’ for ‘why not’ are merely excuses to not take action. They are ALL ILLUSIONS! Yes, false, fear based impressions, they are not real in the light of ‘true reality’.                                                                                       Nick Vujicic

See – Nick Vujicic – ‘Man with no arms and legs’ – You Tube. Change can be frightening as we do not know what might happen. However, change is also good as we discover things about ourselves, our true potential that we could never know if we did not take a chance. Change is Inevitable and will happen, you can embrace it if you so choose. Stop holding yourself back! Nothing or no one can hold you back once you know the truth about how life works.

‘The ignorance of our upbringing is our common enemy’.

Our upbringing has programmed us to ‘play it safe’ in life and that has kept us in fear of venturing outside of what we have been exposed to in childhood. Some who ventured out got hurt, made mistakes and have retreated back to the ‘safety’ of being mediocre. There is SO MUCH more for you to be, do, have and give.

Take the limits off and fly! Discover who you really are andFlying Gull become it. So take another step you can start here: Free Resources & Tools  May you find freedom. You deserve to!

Here’s a short video inspiration to remind you:

Watch – Even Eagles Need a Push >> – 3.33 mins

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What Is The Flip Switch? Part 2

Here are 6 powerful words that will help you in a crisis. Happy ChildrenSay them to yourself:  ‘I choose to feel good now’!    

Do not wait until you feel good to say them. Say them in order to feel good! Read that sentence again until you see the clear distinction. You can choose how you desire to feel. You can change your feeling state at any time, from a negative to a positive state. The quicker you do this, the better!

This is one of the secrets of deliberate creation. We are always creating, we cannot help but do so as long as we are physically alive. We are creating even whilst we are asleep! The issue is WHAT and HOW are we creating? Are we creating the life of our dreams, (deliberate creation), or are we creating by default, (our unconscious creation?).You must learn to switch your thinking.

Can We Deliberately Choose Our Thoughts?

We sure can! Contrary to what we believe, it is a choice. We have built strong neuro pathways in our brains that are detrimental to us. In the same way, we now cultivate new ways of thinking, feeling and acting, we will grow new neuro pathways that will override the previous old patters, in time. The first creation we did it unknowingly. Now we are doing so consciously and deliberately.Good Thinking

As you practice using these sentences you will learn to keep your vibration level higher. Our day to day negative vibrations are wrecking havoc in all of our lives. We are not aware that although we may be physically removed from a negative situation that we were previously involved in, the negative energy is still working against us as we have not taken any action to counteract it.

‘Energy can be changed but it cannot be destroyed’ – Bob Proctor

We may not feel angry, fearful, worried, hurt etc at the present moment, but those negative energies are still at work even if we have forgotten about them. These frequencies accumulate and cause us pain. These negative patterns are keeping you and I in a low vibration and hinder the manifestations of our desires from coming into our lives. We must change our ingrained habit and addiction to negativity and emotional pain. We should realizing that nothing good will come from them. Man- kind’s negative feelings and emotions are destructive habits.

As we develop our skills at using the flip switch we will surely now experience a shift Nature's Perfectionin our emotional state and in that very moment we will be vibrating in harmony with the things we desire, instead of with what we do not desire in life. When you flip switch unto the positive side, your newly activated thought that allows you to feel good even for a short time, will change your life moment by moment.

Daily, every  negative thought that you have, (if you are aware), should serve to alert you to speak the 6 words given above. This will diffuse the negative energy in you.

However, you must say them in the exact moment you feel any negativity building up in you. Do not wait until that time has passed.

Doing this a few seconds here and there daily will have an accumulative effect on your life in the same way that the negative energy has had in us over many years. Hold your positive thought or feeling for at least 15 seconds, (the longer the better), remember you are retraining your brain and subconscious mind to think positive instead of negative. We are way ahead on the negative side, now we have to redress the balance, one day at a time and one person at a time.

Remember a positive feeling from a good experience and hold on to it for as long as you can. Your subconscious mind can recall that feeling on demand at a later time. Be patient with yourself as you are learning a new habit and it takes time to cement them into place. Be consistent in building this habit.

You can also use gratitude and praise to change yourThank You For All Your Help negative vibration. Expressing gratitude is guaranteed to cause you to feel good. And feeling good is a vital key to creating your life by design.

‘When you put yourself in a place of feeling good you will receive the answers that you want from your inner guidance system, with greater clarity’. Dr. Robert Anthony.

What I have shared with you in these 2 post can greatly assist you by helping to turn your life around as you practice the art of changing your energy in the moment. Disassembling your thoughts and constructing new ways of thinking can empower your life day by day as you practice this.

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If you would like to learn more about using The Flip Switch and The Secret of Deliberate Creation please click here.

Please feel free to share with us how you are successfully changing your negative thoughts for more empowering ones. What I have written here is not the ONLY way to reprogram your subconscious mind. It is just one of the effective ways.

Thank you for visiting and sharing.

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What Is The Flip Switch? Part 1

I think you would all, (or nearly all) agree with me that it is in our best interest to feel good as much as we can rather than to feel bad. Yes? But in view of life’s assaults on us, (worry, fear, lack etc), how can we actually change the way we are feeling? Especially at the time when we are feeling negative influences, how can we apply the ‘brakes’ Happy To Be Aliveso to speak, on our emotions when they are in full flight?

This is where the flip switch comes in. This post is geared to inform you how to switch your thinking to change your life. Someone asked me a question on one of my posts relating to this, so I decided to address it here.

The Flip Switch is simply this:

‘The action that you take to get from a negative, low energy state to a higher one. It is about consciously finding ways to change or flip switch your vibrational energy in the very moment that you are feeling any kind of negative thought or emotion’. Dr Robert Anthony.

As I have said here in other Articles or Posts on Soul Transfiguration, whatever we send out vibrationally into the Universe comes back to us. We call it sowing and reaping or as science puts it, cause and effect. However, not only does it come back to us, but it is increased as Universal Laws are exceedingly abundant and they give to us lavishly more of what we sent out.

‘Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over…’

We determine what we send out, good or bad. Laws determine the harvest. This works both ways, so ANY thought, (remember it all starts here), or feeling that cause you to feel or vibrate at a higher level, (however slight), than you did seconds before, cancels the negative vibration out. This is good news. If you fail to take this action as many times as you can in any given day, your negative Angerenergy will pile up and you are a walking time bomb going some- where to happen! Do you get the picture?

Due to our own conditioned and programmed responses to our life situations we have trained ourselves to feel badly repeatedly day after day. But what if you would reprogram yourself to, talk to ourselves, (right in the midst of feeling at our very worst i.e. whilst feeling angry, fearful, worried, hurt etc).

How Does This All Work?

Would you be willing to ask, ‘Is this feeling bad going to make the situation any better? Is there even one benefit if I feel bad?’ If your ego says, ‘But I just want to do it’! That does not count! ;-).

This is about YOU – the conscious you, not the ego. By being conscious, (in the very moment), and asking these questions, you will discover for yourself that the only thing feeling bad accomplishes is to plunge you into more anger, fear and worry. So you in fact increase your feeling bad. When the dust settles and the moment is passed you are left with more regret and stress (yet again!)

You may say, I do not have a choice, it is just the way I feel right now. We haveSad Face been conditioned incorrectly, we always have a choice as to how we think and as a result feel. We can choose to not dwell on any negative situation in our minds. We have just not practiced doing so, we have not known the vital importance of choosing to do what is beneficial for and to us in our minds.

You can always Flip Switch in your mind to a healthier thought right there in the moment. You can choose to think on something, (any pleasant thought) that will make you feel better immediately. We can all do this irrespective of what is going on around us. The sooner we all learn to do this the better for us all!

Flip Switching is a great form of self correction. Remember, the important thing is to do it in the very moment that your thought and feelings are going in the wrong direction. It is like applying the brakes to a vehicle that is going the wrong way towards danger. Deciding what you would rather think on is like turning the vehicle around. Thinking on what you desire to think on is like travelling the right way, the way of your choosing. Your conscious mind is the boss of your soul, it’s like the captain. Ego is not the boss in spite of what it thinks and says.

In the moment of your inner struggle, (negative thoughts and feelings), reach for thoughts that feel better. Ignore your ego’s voice saying ‘This cannot be done’?Our Point of Focus How would ego know? It knows your past failures, it knows nothing about what you can do because you have not done it yet. Your subconscious mind knows what you are capable of doing, so side with it as it ‘houses’ 96 percent plus of your soul’s power. This figure varies among the experts.

So as soon as your inner feelings start going contrary, find something good to think about that makes you feel good right there and then. It could be as simply as thinking about something funny that a pet or a person did that made you laugh. Quickly change your mind and mental state! Do this by changing your thoughts, this will change your feelings and puts you right back on track.

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If you would like to know more about using the Flip Switch and The Secret of Deliberate Creation – Dr. Robert Anthony. Please click here.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

Have you got some other helpful ways you use to change your sub- conscious mind? I would love to hear them! Please share your thoughts below. Thank you.

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Change Is Inevitable In Life! Part 2

Nature exhibits change continuously from season to season and from year to Season changesyear! She does it without forcing it or struggling to do it. Struggle is and will always be abnormal! The fact that we have become use to it does not make it any less so!

How can I change my thinking to allow different results to occur?

One of the main purposes of Soul Transfiguration is to show how life works, (to the extent that I understand it), and how we can cooperate with life’s energy flow to have some better results!

We have all come here for a unique purpose, we have a destiny to fulfill. However, if we are bogged down with pain, suffering, struggle, lack, worry and sickness, (to name a few) on a daily basis, we cannot rise to our true potential. We end up getting older, more frustrated and dis -appointed at never finding out why we are here nor fulfilling our life’s purpose. All of this is unnecessary!

We can and will change for the better

We can if we so desire to, once we know how to do to. Change is an inside out occurrence. We can change our inner state, our thinking and mindset. This inner change, though occurring gradually overtime, if it is allowed to take place, it will transfigure, (change/transform) our lives in amazing ways!

As I have said above, change is inevitable, but we can determine how we change. We are not just supposed to go from being young to being old, with no idea of how to bring into our lives the things that make for a better way of life and living. And end up dying full of regrets!

Those who are fulfilling their heart’s desires are not better people than we are. They do not have butterflymore ability than you or I. They have the right information and knowledge, they have a programmed for success mindset that takes them where ever they have determined to go in life. They know where they desire to go and why they desire to do so. They have a burning drive to get there and they remain focus on their destination.

If you or I will cultivate that same mindset, our subconscious mind will take us where we desire to go in just the same way. This kind of change does not happen accidentally for most of us. First we have to know it is available to us and for us. We have to obtain it, (not in terms of getting it), as it is already inside of us, but we need to get hold of it, as in, take of what we ALL already have and work with it. As you do this you can decide in what direction your life will flow and bring forth what is inside of you. See The Subconscious Caterpillar ChangingMindChuck Danes at Abundance.com for a more in depth look at who we are in our souls. Thank you Chuck!

As someone rightly said, ‘The ignorance of our upbringing is our common enemy’!

This is not to imply this was done deliberately. Far from it! Often those who brought us up and, or influenced us especially in our early stages of life, believed certain things about life and were themselves told, and therefore believed the very things they passed on to us. Universal Laws, and how they impact our lives are not commonly known but should be. Our lives’ events are not based on coincidences or luck, but on creation, be it conscious or unconscious.

Your success is on the inside of you, no matter how poor you are right now. Your health is on the inside of you, no matter how sick you are right now. The better relationship, happiness, you name it they are all on the inside of you. All that you will ever need to make your life successful and abundant, (according to your own definitions), here on Planet Earth ARE ALREADY in you and available to you. You just need to believe it, and in time come to know this as truth by your own personal experience.

Your educational background, (or lack of it), your country of birth, your culture, your colour, (color) and your financial situation NONE of these have any bearing on this once you begin to know the truth and start implementing it.Butterfly & Caterpillar

Life however, cannot be lived from just the soul, (psyche) realm because man is a spirit being. But that is for another time and another place!

Go ahead and change for the better by beginning to think better thoughts as it ALL starts there! You deserve it!

Here’s a short video reminding you, ‘You Are The Light’!

Click Here And Watch It Now -Thank you Chris Cade for the video!

You will never know how truly blessed you are… Until you decide you are a blessing’! – Chris Cade

What kinds of changes would you like to see in your own life? Any ideas how to bring them to pass? Lets ‘talk’.

If you have missed the first part, here is the link below.

Change Is Inevitable In Life! Part 1

Change Is Inevitable In Life! Part 1

…But consciousness and growth are optional

We can embrace or resist change, however, it will always take place in our lives. Nothing stands still, energy is always flowing to and through us. To embrace it means we move gracefully with this change and life becomes more of ease and flow. If we resist change we find our lives full of struggle, pain and suffering.

The problem is we do not always understand the things that are occurring in our lives. We often think things are happening to us, rather than happening through us! First, you change your thinking to change your life. We see ourselves as the victims of our circumstances rather than the cause of them! This is not a simple concept to grasp, not because it is hard in itself to understand, but because it is foreign to our programmed ways of thinking and our mindset.

How Do I Make Change happen In My Life?Transfiguration

We have not been trained in the true workings of life, success, abundance, ease, energy and Universal Laws and how they all relate with us. We have not understood that we are the creators of our own experiences and that nothing is happening to us without our cooperation! We create our own reality knowingly or unconsciously.

Because this has been done unknowingly by and large, we have accepted that this is just the way life is and there is nothing we can do about it! Those we know closely have accepted it and so do we. As a result of this, we view life as being inevitably full of struggle, suffering and pain and this is what we are constantly transmitting with our brains and sub- conscious minds into the Universe.

The Universal Laws in turn reflect back to us what we are transmitting, giving us more of the same. And the cycle of chaos continues in and around us leaving us struggling as to how to make a change in our life.

When we are unable to make sense of what is happening in and around us, this then convinces us that this is how life works! If it was not, these things would not be ‘happening to us‘, would they?!

To us it seems very logical that we are all victims of our circumstances. If we asked most of the people we know, many would agree with us because they are affected by the same programming as we are.

Once we come to know how life works and that we are not passive victims of our butterflypast or present circumstances we can allow the desired change to occur with our conscious cooperation.

This life can be better for us than it is now, (if what we have in our life is painful or undesired). It does not have to be this way! We are powerful creators, we simply lack the right information and most importantly, the how to apply the right information to allow change to take place naturally. Both of these aspects are necessary to our success.

How do you view change? Do you fight it or do you welcome it? Let’s ‘talk’!

Change Is Inevitable In Life! Part 2

Every Word I Speak! Part 2

How Should We Use Or Words? 

In view of the power of words and the tremendous impact they have on us, others and our world at large. We should aim at using words that lift us andHappy Smile affirm others around us.

If you desire to be a prosperous person, do not speak with a cheap mouth, as if you do, you make those around you feel poverty stricken as well. The gross accumulative effect is on you.

If you feel sick, do not keep going on about it to others as every time you do so each person gets a tiny spark of that impartation, but your own body receives the whole impact of everything that you say!

Let’s face it, you are hearing yourself 24/7!

Since people are affected by what you and I say, we can if we so desire, by a kind, loving word spoken at the right time uplift someone’s life. Then we can also uplift our own life with those same words? You then, are shaping your own life far more than you affect the life of any listener to you!

Can you see that as you do unto others, it shall be done unto you? ‘Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, press down… and running over…’

We mold our own lives and affect our own lives by the nature of the words we speak. Remember, we do HEAR EVERY WORD we speak! How many of those words are helping and how many are harming us daily without us being aware?

Watch the words you ‘hear internally’ and listen to the negative words you speak in normal conversations. Words like:

I am feeling depressed, angry, exhausted, drained, afraid, worried and stressed out, (to name but a few).                                                           Feel Good A Vital Key

Always aim to use more uplifting words like:

I am feeling blessed, awesome, happy, excited, energized and contented, (but not complacent).

The negative words pulls you downwards as they are low energy words. The positive words propels you upwards; they are high energy words. You need this positive energy to move you in the direction of your dreams and desires.

Always be aware of what words you place after the words I AM! We have the power and freedom to choose life or death giving words. Choose life!

Make it a daily habit to ask yourself repeatedly:

‘What is going on inside me at this moment?’

Become aware and feel your answer. Just by asking this question and looking within you will steer yourself in the right direction.

Use words that lift you and others around you. Use words thatSad Face make you smile and make your heart glad and not words that depress your soul, (your emotions).

Now think about it, what words are YOU using daily? Are they helping or hurting you?

For a short & deeper look at the Power of Words, see Dr Masaru Emoto’s Message In Water. You Tube video: Water, Consciousness and Intent – 3¼ mins.

Become Part of the Chain Of Kindness ~ Watch The “Chain of kindness” Video – 4.42 mins. Thank you Chris Cade.

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The Secret of Deliberate Creation – Dr Robert Anthony’s Review Page 2

‘The focus of The Secret of Deliberate Creation is about collapsing the limiting beliefs and unconscious habitual patterns that stands between you and what you want’. Dr. Robert Anthony

  • What Is The Secret of Deliberate Creation?   Dr Robert Anthony

It is ‘A complete course that was created to help individuals manifest their desires or goals by tapping into the unlimited powers of the Universe and through mind transformation. The main focus of this six-hour program is to help you break down all your internal barriers which limit your beliefs and control your habits. You can manifest whatever you desire in a stress-free way’.    **

EJ’s Samples of This (instant downloadable mp3) Program: Just under 6 hours of amazing teaching. I have listed only a few of them here:

6) Time to Take Action – “Most people have the misconception that you get what you want in life by the actions that you take-by what you DO-that the DOING (the action part) is what makes things happen… This is false. In fact, if you analyze it, most people’s actions are spent trying to compensate for inappropriate subconscious creating.

What do I mean by that? We have been programmed to believe that in order to have what we want we must work “hard” and we must “struggle”. This is a core belief of most people. How many times have you heard – “No pain, no gain?” The implication is that if you want to be successful at anything, you must work hard. The message is clear-‘if you are not suffering or struggling, you’re not making progress.’” Under 24¾ minutes.

No More Excuses – ‘If you asked most people why they don’t have what they want, they can usually come up with a list of logical reasons why what they desire is not possible for them. Our reasons for not having what we desire often seem logical and real, (and not only in our own minds). But most of the times they are not real at all! They are just our excuses for our unwillingness to step out of our comfort zone, (we are often unaware of even this fact). Said another way, we don’t trust the Laws of the Universe to support us in creating what we desire’. Under 24¾ minutes.

Creating Your Life By Design – ‘While I strongly suggest that you study this program to fully understand the secrets of deliberate creation, there is an easier way, and it is the ultimate secret to creating your life by design. Here it is! Pay attention because it is so simple and profound that you may not believe that it is possible. All you have to do to create your life by design is to accept whatever is happening in your life at the moment, and be happy now!’ Under 5½ minutes.

Bonuses = 7 of Dr. Robert Anthony’s eBooks.

This downloadable MP3 program comes with a 60 days money back guarantee

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  • Who Will Benefit From The Secret of Deliberate Creation?

‘The Secret of Deliberate Creation Will Work For Anyone Who

  • Has tried other programs and labelled themselves as a failure
  • Thinks it’s too late to have what they want
  • Is stuck on the mouse wheel of life, living each day exactly the same
  • Is suffocated by fear and self-doubt
  • Feels lost in their life
  • Doesn’t even know where to start
  • Is breathing

You get the idea, this program works’!

‘There are two kinds of people:

  1.  Those who play the game of life TO WIN. (Take Action on what they KNOW)
  2.  Those who play the game of life NOT TO LOSE. (Keep collecting more information and avoid taking Action’)

‘You always have a choice. You can play the game of life to AVOID LOSING and live an unstable life of limitation in which no matter how much you read and study this stuff, you will never CONSISTENTLY get what you want, or….. You can play the game of life to WIN and DO WHAT YOU KNOW. When you do, your life will no longer be about survival, but about experiencing joy and abundance and creating anything you desire regardless of your current circumstances, the economy or any other perceived obstacle’.

P.S. I have one more Special Free Gift for you…it’s my way of saying “thank you” for ordering today

Bonus Gift #8: “The Intention Activator” Software (A $49.95 Value)
[Available for Microsoft Windows only]Intention Activator

The Intention Activator is designed to keep your ATTENTION on your INTENTION. This is done by installing a small scrolling marquee on the very top of your computer “Desktop”.

It continuously displays your “intention statements” on your Desktop, leaving your other applications undisturbed. It runs along the top of your screen, causing you to automatically and effortlessly focus on them.

Anytime your Desktop is displayed, the scrolling marquee reminds you of your intention. It increases your motivation and desire to make it happen. When using another program you can shut it off, or just leave it running in the background.

This revolutionary tool is the perfect companion to The Secret of Deliberate Creation and lets you effortlessly break bad habits, permanently destroy limiting beliefs, and attract exactly what you want.

All above quotes and the images were taken from the Sales Pages of Dr. Robert Anthony’s program.

The samples I have given above are taken directly from a few of the 6 sets of mp3s from my own program.

The Secret of Deliberate Creation  Dr Robert Anthony’s Review Page 1

Image of Product

The Secret of Deliberate Creation – Dr Robert Anthony’s Review Page 1

‘The focus of The Secret of Deliberate Creation is about collapsing the limiting beliefs and unconscious habitual patterns that stands between you and what you want’. Dr. Robert Anthony.

  • What Is The Secret of Deliberate Creation?           Dr Robert Anthony

    It is ‘A complete course that was created to help individuals manifest their desires or goals by tapping into the unlimited powers of the Universe and through mind transformation. The main focus of this six-hour program is to help you break down all your internal barriers which limit your beliefs and control your habits. You can manifest whatever you desire in a stress-free way’.    **

EJ’s Samples of This (instant downloadable mp3) Program: Just under 6 hours of amazing teaching. I have listed only a few of them here:

1)  Introduction – Quick Start program: This tells you what to expect from the program. It encourages you to ACT on what you will learn. This is a part of his Advance Program, so many studying the Self-Development way would not have heard some of this before! Under 16½ minutes

Quantum Physics – A brief explanation of this science tells us about energy. ‘A brief study of quantum physics will help you not only to understand how everything is created into your reality, but also exactly how your beliefs and thought processes create the results that you experience in your life’. Under 25½ minutes

The Law of Attraction – ‘Everything comes to us through the most elemental law of physics: Like attracts like. Like attracts like is governed by an elemental and basic Law of the Universe called the Law of Attraction, or the Law of Cause and Effect’. Approx 20½ minutes

2) The Collective Consciousness – ‘Bad things happen to good people because they consciously or unconsciously do not understand the principles that you are learning in these lessons. What we reap is within us individually, and within the collective selves of our family, our company, community, country and the world that we live in. Every single state of being, thought, word, and action is caused by something before it and will cause something after it. What is found in the effect is already in the cause. You are the cause of everything in your life and so is everyone else in their life’. Approx 17 minutes.

Your Natural Inner Guidance System – ‘Every thought that we have either moves us towards what we want or away from what we want. Fortunately, each one of us has a built in inner guidance system that offers us a simple way to know if we are moving towards or away from what we desire. It does this simply by offering us positive or negative feedback that we call emotion’. Under 10 minutes

The Flip Switch – ‘It is to our benefit to feel good rather than to feel bad. But with all the negative influences in our life how can we actually change the way we feel? Here is a simple technique that works for me. This is called flip switching. It’s simple the action that you take to get from a negative low energy state to a higher one. It is about consciously finding ways to change or flip switch your vibrational energy in the very moment that you feeling any kind of negative thought or emotion… Any negative vibrational frequency, no matter how slight, brings back more of the same, only multiplied. On the other hand, and this is important, anything that causes you to feel even a little bit better than you did a moment before will cancel out that negative frequency. Over 15 minutes

Your Essential Silent Partner (your subconscious mind) – ‘At the instant of your birth your potential was activated both in the non-physical and in the physical dimension. You are not a body with a spirit, you are a spirit who has been issued a body… We humans with our capability to think and reason have lost our connection. The reason for this is that we have an ego. Our ego is nothing more than who we think we are based on our conditioning and past experiences… If you use your mind or ego to create your future you will always be limited by what you think is possible for you based on your past’. 18¼ minutes

3) HeartSet Verses Mindset – ‘Why do you think so many people struggle through life? I believe the primary reason is that most of us regardless of our age, simply do not know what we truly want. We only think we know. From my experience, most people can tell you what they don’t want. But they find it difficult, or nearly impossible, to tell you what they truly want in life. How can we know what we truly want? Please listen closely. To accomplish anything that you desire in life with any measure of satisfaction you must accurately identify what it is that you truly desire’. Under 13 minutes.

How To Know What You Truly Want In Life – ‘At this point you may be thinking that identifying your heart’s desire would be easy. But in my work I have found that it is not easy for most people. This is because we have not been taught to focus on our heart’s desires. We are trained to use our mind and not our heart. I can’t begin to tell you how many people have told me they do not know what they want to be, do or have in their life. They are still searching! That is because they are trying to find the solution by using their head or their logical mind’. Under 27½ minutes.

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The Secret of Deliberate Creation-Dr Robert Anthony’s Review Page 2

Image of Product