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Feeling GoodThese Resources are some of the paid for and/or free materials I have utilized over the last few years that have GREATLY assisted me on my journey in under-standing how life works. I Recommend them to you in the likelihood you will derive benefits from internalizing and practicing them.

1) This is still the best program on the Law of Attraction and Manifesting that I have heard so far. I heard it when I knew NOTHING about how we create, how our subconscious mind worked with the Universe to bring things into our lives. I have since heard many other good and related information that have added to and even clarify this teaching in parts. Some have greatly extended my understanding on things not mentioned in this material, but none have superseded it for me.

Understand this is MY Personal Opinion and Selection. You are free to choose. The Murdock Group Presents “Your Wish Is Your Command” – Kevin Trudeau

2) Chuck Danes’ webpages supplied a lot of information and clarity for me on the Universal Laws, The Subconscious Mind to name a few! He is the creator of, and author of the freely distributed Enlightened Journey Newsletter.

‘The most profound, powerful and life transforming advice I could ever provide to someone looking for answers with regard to enhancing their quality of life is to take the initiative to become keenly aware of yourself. It’s by enhancing this understanding of self that “The Key To Effortless Creation” is found’.

The principles taught within this site are what I have come to believe and choose to refer to as a “Higher Truth.” For me, The Real Truth. It’s both my passion and my “soul purpose” to share and introduce others to this “Higher Truth” and allow them to come to their own conclusions…

3) Andy is very different both in what he teaches and in how he teaches it. He specializes in the how to do things and not just the what to do. I have made a few recommendations here as he gives away so much quality material. A word of warning he swears much in the Bug Free Mind (especially in the full material), barring that, most of the teachings are worth their weight in gold!

Andy Shaw, author of A Bug Free Mind, says he can teach you how to manifest what you desire on command. Download his free MP3…

Logo“I’ll cut through the clutter and simplify things in a way that it gives you the steps to manifesting anything you desire. For those who haven’t had as much success with the Law of Attraction yet… you can discover what you’ve been doing wrong and correct it on the spot. The Law of Attraction isn’t a big deal once you regain your natural ability to use it” – Andy Shaw

This is just some of what he gives away freely! This man certainly knows how to work successfully with Universal Laws!

4) I found these videos very enlightening when I first saw them. Your Wish Is Your Command so inspired me to search and find out more information on how life functions. I poured over Bob’s teaching for many days. I made notes and occasionally look through them even now.

  • ‘You Were Born Rich’ In these videos Bob Show how and when our programming started, i.e. from a young age. You Tube videos x 3 -11¼ hrs – Bob Proctor

5) A link for Mind Movies was sent to me as a bonus gift in a down-loadable product I purchased a few years ago. It was a novel concept to me at that time about yet another way to reprogram the subconscious mind. As it is said, the image you see, is the image you will be! The concept is based on the fact that as you keep looking at a desired image, your subconscious mind will become imprinted with that image and you will broadcast it and therefore create/attract it to yourself. As these images are not static, the impact on your brain is greater than with visualization.

  • Download our brand new 6 pre-made Mind Movies right here. These free Mind Movies you can use x 2 daily, morning/night – Natalie Ledwell

6) The Science of Getting Rich is a book written by the New Thought Movement writer Wallace Delois Wattles and published in 1910 by the Elizabeth Towne Company. The book is still in print. This is a small and easily read book. You can download a free PDF online and/or audio book. In light of how old it is, it is very simple to understand. In this ebook Wallis outlines the principles of getting rich as an ‘exact science’.

The fundamental principles of how the Universe and Energy, (Thinking Stuff) work is note worthy. If you choose to download it, (for those who have never read or even heard of it), read or listen to it repeatedly. Allow the principles of the working of energy to become a part of your consciousness. Let it become your default mode of how you think. Creating your desires then becomes easier over time.

7) Are you a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ? You know there is much more for you to be, do, have and give. You are ‘struggling’ however. You desire answers to some of your questions. Maybe this eBooks can shed some light on your path.

Download Spiritual Mysteries Revealed Ebook!

‘Advance you understanding of God and the Universe to a whole new level at’:

Conscious Christianity 

8) This site will endeavor to increase this listing of free, effective, quality materials that can help you in your soul’s journey here on earth. May they serve you well. There’s no end to the free materials available online. If you do not find things here that help you, please keep on looking until you do find!

Desiring much success for you and yours!

From EJ          ***