Feeling Good Is A Vital Key!

Smiling FaceEach day aim to do something that will cause you to feel excited and good. It can be something as simple as reading a favorite book or listening to some music, walking your dog or playing with a child. It should be something that you can enjoy that gives you a good feeling inside. Feeling good on the inside raises our energy level and the higher our energy level the greater our level of attracting, (creating) more of what we love that makes us feel even better.

A positive cycle is initiated and as we repeat this cycle more neuro pathways are developed in our brains for being, feeling and acting this way. Basically, feeling good can become a habit, and a good one it is! Feeling good as a default mode diminishes, and in time, eliminates our unconscious negative creations. Our attitude in life does matter greatly!

The better we get at consistently maintaining ‘a feel good inner state’, the higher our vibrational level will become. The higher our vibrational level the more we become a magnet for the good things in life. The core language of our soul, our body and the Universe is FEELINGS. We must learn to:

Feel our way through life’ – Kevin Trudeau.

The more positive energy we can generate in our beings daily, the greater our ability to elevate our lives, resulting in a MUCH greater manifestation of our heart’s desires. The positive states of excitement, eagerness, happiness and ease, (just to name a few), in our souls literally affect the Universe, which in turn, brings us more of what we have sent out, (more excitement and happiness).

Aim to feel good about yourself, your loved ones and your entire life. This takes your focus from the areas in your life that are not how you would Feeling Gooddesire them to be at the present time. This is not a denial of the less desirable areas, but a decision not to be consumed and totally absorbed and engulfed by them. Learn to change them!

Since our energy flow follows our dominant attention, keeping our attention on the positive will shift the less than desirable in our lives. See the page ‘Our Point of Focus’ and the post ‘What Are You Thinking?’ To give our continuous attention to the things and areas in our lives that we do not desire is to actually empower them to continue and even expand. On the other side, this unconscious focus then blocks the very answers that we are genuinely seeking. We are vibrating on different levels and we are by and large unaware of this process.

Daily consciously choose something that will keep your vibrational level high, (the higher the better!) Practice that ‘good feeling’ until it becomes a habitual way to feel inside. To the extent that when your feelings indicate you are below this level, (your emotional set point) has shifted in a downward motion, you are aware of it. You now enjoy feeling good to the extent that when you do not feel good, you will instantly shift your vibrational set point back to ‘feeling good’! We can always feel better, there is no end to our capacity for feeling and thinking better thoughts!

‘There is nothing more important than feeling good… the greatest secret to manifesting anything you desire’ – Dr Robert Anthony.

Feeling good keeps your innermost being in alignment with your desires. This alignment results in an ‘allowing state of being’, which permits your desires to flow more easily into your life as there is no, (or at least, less resistance in you). Feel Good A Vital KeyResistance blocks the flow of our desires coming to us and causes us to feel anything but good. Feeling good stops resistance and allowing resistance stops us feeling good! And not feeling good blocks our desires. Our energy must line up with our desires.

Why And How Is Resistance Detrimental To Us Feeling Good?

‘Resistance in essence is placing your predominant focus on that which you choose not to experience and as a result of that focus is attracting to you more of that which you are resisting. Learn to accept and express sincere and heartfelt Gratitude for whatever your current experience may consist of and you will soon discover that those things which you choose not to experience will dissipate’ – C. Danes

In the same way that feeling good acts as a magnet to draw desirable things to you, it also repels the undesirable things, preventing them from coming to you. However good you feel today, reach for a thought that will causes you to feel better and even best! We can always feel better!

Feeling good is a choice that we make on a continual daily basis. We can make this choice regardless of what is happening in our lives at any given moment. However ‘bad’ it may seem to be, choosing to feel good will bring about a change in you at a deep subconscious level, which will eventually reflect in your circumstance.

By practicing both gratitude and accepting what is happening at the present time you will stop resistance, and allowing leads to flow. A positive energetic flow Happy Smileleads to much better life results in all areas of our lives.

So go ahead and choose to feel good right now! It is your choice, and you deserve it!

Thank you Dr Anthony for the video. Here’s a 3½ minutes video for you to enjoy. Watch – The Power of Attitude 

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I have included Chuck Danes’ links on Gratitude and the power of acceptance as both of them are vital parts of feeling good.

Thank you Kevin Trudeau, Chuck Danes, Dr Robert Anthony and many others for your teachings on how we create our own realities.