Every Word I Speak! Part 1

Are You An Effective Speaker? 

How effective are you in your everyday communication? Speaking WordsNo, not as a public speaker, (not everyone is). But are you aware that every word uttered from your mouth affects everyone who hears it?

Avoid using words like:

‘Why is life so stressful?’ ‘Why is life so meaningless?’ Or worst, ‘Why my life is so stressful and so meaningless?’ ‘Why does this always happen to me?’ ‘Why am I always so unlucky’? etc

You are now personalizing it. Your subconscious mind is being told how stressful, meaningless and unlucky you are and that (bad) things always happen to you! This constitutes asking for, and you will be given more of the same! You are focused on the negative aspects of your life and you are giving more power to it by your words and energy!

This is sowing, (the cause), and Universal Laws will ensure you reap a harvest, (the effect). This is all our unconscious creations however.

In light of that, what consequences are you having on your audience? Be they your family, friends, work colleagues, your neighbours, (neighbors), your boss or the person who serves you in your local shop or super- market? The possible interactions are endless, but the results are the same however.

What Kind of A Speaker Are You?Happy Face

If you are of a comical nature, people probably laugh heartily around you and you are a delight to be with. You easily elicit laughter without even trying to do so! If you are an angry, resentful person, you may induce fear, hatred or worst! You will not attract too many happy people in your circle of influence for long!

If you are a loving, peaceful and easy going person you may induce pleasant feelings in those around you. If you are a complementary person you may boost others’ self-worth. Get the idea?

Words Are Seeds! Angry Face

Without fail, whatever our disposition, every word we speak produce its effect on the hearer. The effect maybe huge or minimal. The reason being, words, (like thoughts) are seeds and they carry life or death. They are containers carrying vibration and energy into the Universe.

We no doubt, have all being around someone who says something whether generally or specifically to us, and our first response is to leave that atmosphere for somewhere less offensive. And all they did was to utter some WORDS!

Think about this, there is one person who hears everything that you say, (some may say God, yes), but that person is YOU!

That being said, whatever the individual consequences we have on other people is an accumulative effect that we have upon ourselves. The power of our words and their outcome in shaping our lives are tremendous.

Sadly we are often unaware of it. It is this lack of awareness on our part that is destroying our lives. Awareness is the key!

The Power of Words – Less than 2 minutes long. Enjoy! Thanks Chris Cade

Here is Part 2

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I am EJ, a resident of the UK who has longed for answers for many years to some of life's most puzzling questions.I am passionate about Self-Awareness and have decided to share some of what I am learning and have learnt with others, so that we can evolve together without so much pain and suffering.I will be sharing how we are creating our own reality, (consciously or unconsciously).I do enjoy reading various materials that give answers to life's challenges, so I can implement them and see changes taking place before my very eyes.My aim is to help others, who like myself only a few years ago, had no idea as to why life seemed to cause us so much pain and suffering.

16 thoughts on “Every Word I Speak! Part 1”

  1. Hey there,

    This is such an important post. Sometimes we all have that slip of tongue where we would say things that are neither good for us or for others around. I know it happens to me. So I’m glad to come around your post, a great reminder about how we speak, and how we think affect the person we become.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hello Anh thanks for your response.

      You are so right about the ‘slip of the tongue’. I know we can all put our hands up as being guilty to that one! We have to constantly remind ourselves to watch our words.


  2. Wow this article really made me think about my everyday talking habits. With what I just read, I want to try and make my days better by staying away from negative words I may say everyday. With what you said about words being seeds, my brother in law is a very negative person that I find everyone trying to stay away from. it makes sense, once you plant the depression seed with your words, it grows larger every time you feed it more. What made you interested in this topic?

    1. Hello Kenny, Thanks for sharing!

      I am happy my article has that effect on you. It is something I have to constantly keep an eye on. We can so easily get caught up in thinking, ‘everybody does it’, without counting the cost. I hope your in law will wake up to the negative effect he’s having on others around him, (not to mention himself).

      As for my interest, as I learned we are creating our world and our words are a vital part of that creation. I knew I wanted to change my own experience both for myself and those who I impact with my words.

      The truth is, Kenny we take words lightly as we think they are just sounds, and once we stop speaking that’s it. But in reality, we are often carrying deep-seated wounds we have accumulated over the years from someone’s unconscious words to us or about us. Words they spoke that they did not necessarily mean, once the moment is passed. And yet the damage was done!

      As I began to make the connection in myself about somebody’s else words and the effect on myself. I realized my (negative/hurtful) words have exactly the same effect on others! The next logical step is to begin to make a change in myself, (a life long process), and also to highlight it to help others, who may not know, or think about it that much. We are not always aware that what we give out, finds its way back to us – good or bad!

      Thanks for the question:-)


  3. What you said is really true. I work with a boss that likes to curse a lot – whether it is towards the staff or about a situation. This bad habit is starting to affect everyone in the workplace and we try to avoid getting into conflict with her in case she goes into explosion mode.

    The thing is, as much as her words sting, I think it’s even unhealthier for her to utter horrible things when she’s actually a nice person inside. All these words make her stressful, disorganized and down right unattractive as a person.

    I really hope she realizes this before it’s too late.

    1. Hello Cathy, thanks for sharing your current experience.

      Not a pleasant work situation to be in. I can’t help wonder what is going on at a deeper level to cause a ‘nice person’ to react like that and be totally oblivious and unaware of the consequences both on her staff and on herself!

      Could she be unsure of herself as a boss, and her language is a ‘cover up’ to induce fear and keep others at bay?

      As it is ‘affecting everyone’, (and will continue to do so) could you, as a group, come up with a strategy for dealing with the issue and transforming your environment for the well being of all concerned, whilst not making it seem ‘we are all against you’?

      I do hope it can be resolved for all affected.


  4. I really appreciate you sharing this article. Considering I am on that journey to produce positive energy. Not only in words but in thought also. Your article only strengthens what I already hold as true.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Maurice.
      What better ways to share our lives but by giving and receiving.

      It takes work to be conscious and improve our lives and not just in the ‘conventional’ way, but it is sure worth the effort that we expend.
      Keep working on your energy! Much success to you.


  5. Hi EJ
    Very enlightening post! It’s important to know the power of words.I like how you compare them to seeds, we should all work on making sure that the seeds we speak to produce positive effects on those who surround us.



  6. You are so right! Our subconscious mind listens to what we say and then goes to work to make it true for us, like a self-fulfilling prophecy! And it’s not just limited to us, but it also affects the other people around us.

    It’s too bad that most people aren’t taught the power that their words have. But we can help bring that awareness up by practicing it ourselves and being a good model for others to follow.

    Thanks for the great post!

    1. Hello Nick, Thank you. That was well said!
      This needs to become a part of our homes, education systems, work places and everywhere else worldwide. If children were brought up with this, it would become a natural part of their lives. It has been allowed to go so far out of hand, that now we have to work to put it out there to the masses one person at a time. We even say, words are cheap, in fact, words can be life giving or deadly!

  7. I had to read both parts to see where this was leading. I was very interested in the flow of words used here. I caught the part about being aware of how we speak our words or how we plant the words that we speak to others.

    Words are indeed damaging to others, I remember the days at USPS when someone would go on complaining or just cussing out the rules the words were so effective that I’d sometimes feel drained from them.

    You are exactly spot on, words can be either life or death to the person they are spoken to.

    1. Hello Jose, thank you for commenting on this post, much appreciated.
      We have not been able to join up the dots where life is concerned. We have failed to realized that we are our own worst enemy. We have not known how the Universe worked and this has put us at a dis- advantage.

      The truth is slowly coming out. We are what we think, feel, say and do. Can you imagine Jose if children were taught this early in their lives, what a difference there would be?

  8. I read this post before and I have been taking more of it serious and so here is my report EJ.

    Words are seeds and seeds will grow into trees, beautiful flowers and weeds. I am now ensuring that I only speak positive words to myself and others and the outcome in my life is just wonderful.

    I am constantly happy throughout the varied situations I find myself in. I try real hard to dismiss negative thoughts and speech and so my world is changing in a positive way. I thank you, EJ.

    1. Hello Josephine, hearing that makes my heart sing! My desire is to make a positive difference in my world. Achieving that is a blessing to me. Thank you for shearing that with me 😉 have a blessed week!.

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