Change Is Inevitable In Life! Part 1

…But consciousness and growth are optional

We can embrace or resist change, however, it will always take place in our lives. Nothing stands still, energy is always flowing to and through us. To embrace it means we move gracefully with this change and life becomes more of ease and flow. If we resist change we find our lives full of struggle, pain and suffering.

The problem is we do not always understand the things that are occurring in our lives. We often think things are happening to us, rather than happening through us! First, you change your thinking to change your life. We see ourselves as the victims of our circumstances rather than the cause of them! This is not a simple concept to grasp, not because it is hard in itself to understand, but because it is foreign to our programmed ways of thinking and our mindset.

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We have not been trained in the true workings of life, success, abundance, ease, energy and Universal Laws and how they all relate with us. We have not understood that we are the creators of our own experiences and that nothing is happening to us without our cooperation! We create our own reality knowingly or unconsciously.

Because this has been done unknowingly by and large, we have accepted that this is just the way life is and there is nothing we can do about it! Those we know closely have accepted it and so do we. As a result of this, we view life as being inevitably full of struggle, suffering and pain and this is what we are constantly transmitting with our brains and sub- conscious minds into the Universe.

The Universal Laws in turn reflect back to us what we are transmitting, giving us more of the same. And the cycle of chaos continues in and around us leaving us struggling as to how to make a change in our life.

When we are unable to make sense of what is happening in and around us, this then convinces us that this is how life works! If it was not, these things would not be ‘happening to us‘, would they?!

To us it seems very logical that we are all victims of our circumstances. If we asked most of the people we know, many would agree with us because they are affected by the same programming as we are.

Once we come to know how life works and that we are not passive victims of our butterflypast or present circumstances we can allow the desired change to occur with our conscious cooperation.

This life can be better for us than it is now, (if what we have in our life is painful or undesired). It does not have to be this way! We are powerful creators, we simply lack the right information and most importantly, the how to apply the right information to allow change to take place naturally. Both of these aspects are necessary to our success.

How do you view change? Do you fight it or do you welcome it? Let’s ‘talk’!

Change Is Inevitable In Life! Part 2

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I am EJ, a resident of the UK who has longed for answers for many years to some of life's most puzzling questions.I am passionate about Self-Awareness and have decided to share some of what I am learning and have learnt with others, so that we can evolve together without so much pain and suffering.I will be sharing how we are creating our own reality, (consciously or unconsciously).I do enjoy reading various materials that give answers to life's challenges, so I can implement them and see changes taking place before my very eyes.My aim is to help others, who like myself only a few years ago, had no idea as to why life seemed to cause us so much pain and suffering.

14 thoughts on “Change Is Inevitable In Life! Part 1”

  1. Nice work. I am in the same niche as you are and I agree 100% with what you said. We have to be aware and conscious every day if we want to have control of our lives or we are just running on our sub conscious and that will get you nowhere but an endless loop. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

  2. Thanks Brent for you comment, it’s appreciated. When the more experienced agrees with me on an issue, I know I am really ‘getting it’.
    I will do my uttermost to share it as simple as I can. Thanks again Brent.

  3. I think you got it right there. We have to change our thinking. But thoughts are hard to change, because it came from the belief and values that are deep in our subconscious mind. I believe that for real change to happen and last forever, it all start from reprogramming our self conscious mind.

    1. Hello Kenny, thank you for your input.
      I can agree with you. The issue is most people have not yet found out what is actually going on, on the inside of them. They still think, ‘the problem is out there’ and ‘it’s because of’. All external.
      But for sure, once one recognizes that ‘the problem’ is in here’, in me, then the deprogramming and reprogramming can begin in earnest.

  4. Change is inevitable and many people cannot take change into their stride. When it is forced upon us we can sometimes not see the bigger picture. You have some great points here and I love how you have it in parts. My niche is very similar to yours and I deal with clients all the time where change is causing them great stress and anxiety.

    1. Hello Helen, thank you for your feedback.
      I do think change is threatening to us because of our ingrained fears. We desire to be ‘safe’ and a fear based mindset says we may not be ‘safe if we do something that we are unfamiliar with. Another person with a success mindset look forward to the very thing we are afraid of. Once we become more aware and start to shed the layers of fear that had us bound, we will become more open and receptive to whatever comes our way, as we will be more equipped to deal with life. As you have rightly said, ‘we cannot see the bigger picture’. We become tunnel visioned and more fearful.
      Thank you for your gracious comments, much appreciated.

  5. Change happens all the time and we need to adjust to it so we are not left behind. Invariably one would say it’s not fair and be seen as a victim but if you go and embrace the change then you empower yourself.
    Changing your mentality is the hard part though….

  6. I loved the part where it talks about how to make changes in our life. That was so profound and resisted with me greatly. Thanks so much for this. I have to say, this is a phenomenal article, keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing more 🙂

    1. Hello AJ, thanks for your observation and commendation, much appreciated.
      I am glad you found my article beneficial. My aim is to make a difference in as many lives as I can. Feel free to visit Soul Transfiguration whenever you can and help yourself.
      Thanks again AJ from EJ ;-). That was tempting!

  7. It’s sad that so many people see themselves as the victim. Life is what you make it. Most of our lives is simply our attitude, so embrace change and move on, right?

  8. I wholly agree. I embraced change back in December 2015 when I decided to quit my job in Australia and travel indefinitly around the world. I wanted it so bad, I made it happen. I’m not rich, but with lots of persistence and research and passion I’m able to do what I want. The sky is the limit 🙂

  9. Hello Kate thank you for sharing how YOU made it work. YOU desired it passionately and did what was necessary. Your job would never have given you the life you are now living. What freedom!

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