Article: Our Point of Focus Is Our Point of Creation!


Most people are trying to find happiness in their soul, (mind, will and emotions) by looking outside of themselves. We often think if we had MORE OF…. you can fill in the blank, then we would be happy!

In the struggle to find this rather elusive happiness, our lives are filled with anxiety, worry and stress because we are always chasing that thing, (whatever it might be), we think will finally make us happy. What most people never really understand, (or even know), is that life is not about struggle.

If we are struggling at anything, we are not on the right path. We are actually focusing on what we do not desire in our life instead of whatever it is that we would claim we do consciously desire to have.

Whatever we focus on we will manifest in the world. Our point of focus, (our centre/center of attention) is our point of creation. By focusing on what we do not desire, our brains, our minds, (The subconscious mind – Chuck Danes), coupled with Universal Laws will aid us in bringing it to pass! Good or bad!

Our point of focus is like a broadcasting signal saying, we desire more of this. Our brains, minds and the Universal Laws do not differentiate between what is desired consciously or undesired, they simple follow our focus-our thoughts.

‘The Universe reads out intention by where we put our attention’Our Point of Focus Mary Morrissey.

Negative (undesired) results in life are due to our un -conscious thinking, which leads to negative feelings of anger, frustration, worry, doubt, to name a few which are broadcast into the Universe, which in turn ends in more undesired results coming into our lives.

Wrong thinking also leads to wrong speech patterns and wrong actions. Often life becomes like a cycle of negative events and results reoccurring year after year without us being able to connect the dots and break free from the cycle.

This all happens at an unconscious level, so we are unaware that it is even happening. We can see the results of what is happening, but not understanding or knowing the process of creation and the power of our focus and our thoughts, we live the same life, (or even worsening situations) year in and year out.

This pattern becomes entrenched the older we get, first due to habits and strong neuro pathways being established over many years, and as we reside ourselves to ‘our fate’ or ‘our lot’ in life. We may end up living to be aged 100 years, but in reality we live 1 year 100 times! That is called PAIN and SUFFERING!

How To Stop Unconscious Creation: 

Caterpillar ChangingThere are many measures we can all take to break the destructive patterns of unconscious creation. I list a few of them below:

  • Becoming AWARE and mindful of your thoughts in any given moment stops unconscious creation in your life in that moment. Awareness is like a light.
  • Do something that makes you feel good/happy every day. Do this as often as you can as it is vitally important! it could be as simple as playing with a child or a pet, going for a walk, reading a book…
  • Be thankful for the many good/positive things in your life at this present time. Expressing gratitude increases these things in your life! Universal Laws follow our focus of attention! We can be thankful at ALL times despite whatever comes.
  • Begin to set small goals for yourself, of the things you desire in your life and feel positive about having them. Begin to enjoy these achievements in your mind before you see them physically! This alters your inner feeling state even more. This is so vital as you are changing your life at a deeper level!
  • As your feelings begin to slowly change, acknowledge that you are making progress in life. Celebrate the small positive signs that things are changing for thesun better in your direction. The Universe will bring you more of them to celebrate!
  • Look around you, is there anyone you can help in a small way? This shifts your focus from yourself to giving to others!

As simple as these few measures are they will change your point of focus to a more positive outlook in life and you will begin to feel and attract different results over time as you consistently implement them.

Now keep this cycle going consciously, just as you did the previous unconscious cycle! Without this awareness about how life functions we are DOOMED to repeating the same scenarios over and over again.

Here’s a 2½ minutes video from Chris Cade about dancing in the rain. Thank you Chris!

Thank you for stopping by and reading!

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