About EJ

ButterfliesI am EJ, a resident of the UK who has longed for answers for many years to some of life’s most puzzling questions Two that reoccurred often were, ‘Why Does Life Seem So hard And Difficult?’ & ‘Why Is It Not Working?’

I did not understand why there were so much pain and suffering to those around me. Both young and old alike are affected! There is no gender, culture or race that are immune from it.

What I did notice over the years was that the questions did not go away, if anything, those above only got stronger and more insistent. Event -ually, I made a decision; I was not going to stop asking until I found out why!

It did not happen overnight, (in fact, it is still happening now), but answers beganAbout EJ to come slowly but surely. I began to take steps that did not even seem related in the slightest to the questions I was asking!

I did a basic computer course that led me to having the internet and it became the supplier of the desired information to the questions of WHY? And there is so much of this information!

I am passionate about Self-Development, (Self Awareness) and have decided to share some of what I am learning and have learnt with others so we can evolve together without so much pain and suffering.

I will be sharing how we are creating our own reality, granted, unconsciously most of the time.

I do enjoy reading and studying various materials that give answers to life’s challenges, so I can implement them and see changes taking place before my eyes.

My aim is to help others, who like myself, only a few years ago, had no idea as to why life seemed to cause us so much pain and suffering.

If you can relate, it will be awesome sharing with you here at Soul Transfiguration.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!

You can contact me at: EJ@Soul Transfiguration.CO.UK

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