How Do We Create Our Lives? Part 2

How Do I Turn My Life Around?

This is the 2nd part of How Do We Create Our Lives?

To turn your life around your inner being must be in harmony. Your conscious Truth, knowledge, belief& subconscious mind must both be going in the same direction and desiring the SAME thing. Yes only then will 100% of your creative energy be harnessed and used for your desired purposes.

If you find yourself making a lot of excuses and justifying why you do not have what you desire, again your map of reality, (your subconscious mind’s blueprint) needs to be brought up to date! It will always need adjusting as we grow, change and reach for more in life. So that we can stop making these excuses for not having what we desire.

So What Is Our Problem?

We may have many excuses, but no reason for our continued failures in life!

Without exception, we ALL can correct our wrong thinking. Change is Inevitable, but growth and development are optional. Because it is not compulsory, butGood Thinking voluntary, we may not do it, and that is our right to choose.

For most of us it is not because we are lazy and unwilling. OK there will always be some people who are unwilling to pay the price to do what it takes to have DELIBERATE changes in their lives. That is also their right to choose.

Are YOU Ready?

For those, like myself, who are willing to do whatever it takes to know how to be a deliberate creator, we can do it, but there are some concepts we have to grasp. We have to become established in them. They have to become our souls’ foundation on which we build other principles and techniques.

Our understanding of how life, energy and success work needs to change.

FlowWe must raise our energy level to the point where we are a vibrational match to what we desire. See How To Increase Energy Level.

Updating Your Reality Map:

Here are some of the things we should do to reprogram our map of reality so that it gives us what we desire subconsciously as well as consciously. We can become ‘better’ people in our results and actions.

  • Stop Reliving And Telling Your Drama ~ 4

Stop reliving and telling your painful past story to others again and again! People with the most inspired, productive and fulfilling lives understand that if they don’t hang on to their past stories and their drama, they will not have to livemedieval up to them!

Do yourself a favour/favor, and let go of  it all! It is something that has happened to you, but it is not you. You have survived it, you are alive in spite of it. Each time you repeat it you are actually replaying it and this keeps you fixed on what has ALREADY happened, (you are now actually RE – living your past pain)!

We cannot drive a car forward in reverse gear! 😉

How can we move forward if we are constantly looking backwards? In other words, we can’t change what we’re focusing on, as unknowingly we are ADDING more energy to it.

I have used this quote a few times already, but it bears repeating here. Let these words mean something EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT to you. You MUST GET IT! I am putting my heart into this because it is vital.

Unless you get this, nothing will change. It does not matter how many self-help car reversing lampbooks or programs we buy and use. If we do not FULLY understand HOW we’re responsible for creating our lives we will keep going around in circles and not achieving what we know in our hearts we can achieve.

Have I Got Your Full Attention Now?

‘The Universe reads our INTENTION by where we place our ATTENTION‘! ~ Mary Morrissey

By dwelling on our negative past WE ARE instructing our subconscious minds to give us more negative and painful emotions that we are currently feeling at the precise moment we are rehearsing it yet again. And…

WE ARE instructing the Universe, (by our emotional feelings WE ARE experiencing at that exact time to send us more and similar events, circumstances, people and situations that will bring forth similar pain and emotions in our future.

All creation is done in the PRESENT MOMENT. When we are sending out feelings of painful memories, regret, anger etc we are ‘giving orders‘ for more of this! We are creating THERE and THEN. It does not matter that we are UNAWARE of it, at least not to our subconscious minds and Universal Laws. Both follow our focus.

Get Yourself Calm Again 🙂

Breathe deeply and exhale slowly. If you need to, go over Mary’s quote and the last 3 paragraphs. Do not skim read this. If you do, you could miss the essence ofgirl it. It is important – vitally so!

By dwelling on our negative past in our minds, and as a result expressing it vibrationally, verbally or by our actions we are in ‘reverse’ gear. We are not going anywhere as we are not moving forward, just backward. This is why people will say they ‘feel stuck’.

They recognize they are not making progress in life despite their best efforts and ‘hard work’, which is not a good thing.  Effort and hard work is not the answer. The answer is getting our conscious and subconscious mind in agreement on what we desire in life. After that, anything we do will succeed if we are following sound principles on the how to.

It Gets Worst…!

Our subconscious mind is always working, it’s designed to work. It works in powerful ways. It is simply working ‘against us’, but as faithfully as if it was giving us what we asked for or desired consciously. It does not make value judgments or debate if what we thought, felt, said or did were what we intended.

This is why we are taught to be conscious, mindful and live in the present moment. These are all vital aspects for keeping the conscious mind in the present. When our minds wander off, we think thoughts that are contrary to what we have asked for consciously when we are focusing.

We then have feelings that are negative resulting from our thoughts. We feel bad, positivetransmit more negative vibrations but decide we will meditate, pray, visualize or whatever our chosen methods are for renewing the mind.

We see no positive results, just more of the same or worst. We are disappointed and discouraged. We vibrate some more negative and the vicious cycle continues. Sometimes with anger we think, feel and say, ‘It does not work for me’!

Now we are adding ‘our practices and manifestations do not work for us,’ to the mix. Our subconscious mind and Laws will see to that for us too! Your Awareness Is The Key!

…And Worst!

The subconscious mind is aware of ALL of this even when we are not aware consciously. It’s been said we think 60,000-100,000 thoughts daily and we are only conscious of about 5% of them. So, (if this figure be true), then 95% of our subconscious thoughts are stacked against us because we did not choose them consciously.

To be conscious creators, we have to BE AWARE of our thoughts. Mindfulness is needed. We need to reprogram our subconscious mind so we can stop in effect, cancelling out our desired results, whilst reaping our undesired subconscious results.

‘In life, we do not get what we consciously want, we get what we subconsciously expect ~ Dr Robert Anthony

We need to have our prayers, affirmations/confessions, visualizations and good Imaginationimagination techniques etc work for us. We must stop sending out conflicting signals. We are causing confusion within our beings unknowingly. When harmony exist this leads to creation, be it positive or negative harmony.

We Did Not Know!

The majority of the population on Planet Earth still do not know this. Our not knowing about energy and how it works has resulted in an escalation of negative events worldwide.

We have the information, there is no shortage of this information on the internet for free or for payment. We need to apply understanding to what we are doing into our daily practices.

This is not written to discourage but to show a few of the areas that we are overlooking unintentionally.

On A Final Note…

It is not wrong to share our situations with a friend who can support, advise and personhelp us. The same thing applies to seeing counselors and therapists etc. There’s an intent and purpose to all of that.

The important thing is, do not restate your painful past issues for the sake of doing it &/or for eliciting sympathy, as that is HARMFUL TO ALL concerned; speaker and listeners. Every Word I Speak!

We can make a change, but the change starts with each one of us in our own life first.  Let us make the adjustments.

Will YOU? Here is part 3. To come. 😉

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How To Increase Energy Level! Part 2

This post is a continuation of How To Increase Energy Level! Part 1

Here are some more natural ‘best energy boosters‘ we can use and things we can do to get more energy into our bodies

The higher our energy the more capable we are of eliminating or converting lower energies that weaken us. When we become practiced & skillful at raisinghot air balloons our energy level & permanently eliminating negative vibrations that weaken us or that block us from having what we desire in life we will become powerful and  deliberate creators of our lives. Oh happy day!

‘If you want to find the secret of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration’ ~ Nikola Tesla

  • Reduce (or eliminate) Your Exposure To TV

Too much of this has has lessen our sensitiveness and awareness to the danger and damage that it does to our subconscious mind and our souls in general.

This unending stream of negativity we have allowed to invade our living space and it has attracted more of the same into your life. The majority of TV programs that come into our homes send off low energy into our atmosphere.

Angry FaceIf you watch TV you could chose carefully what you watch. It must not leave you feeling fearful, depressed, worried about the future, angry, hateful, unforgiving, resentful etc.

  • Keep Your Environment Clutter Free

This means your home, office, desk, draws, cupboards, car, sheds. Excess paper seems to create stress and a feeling of overwhelm and being busy, whereas clear spaces create a feeling of calm and wellbeing.

Just moving the furniture around will scatter negative energy and also raise your positive energy level. We have all noticed once we move our furniture around in an area it looks and feels better. We have just not known why. We have shifted some negative energy!

  • Stop/Limit Reading The News Paper

Like TV this is designed to bring you more bad news. There is nothing that you can newspaperdo about what you read anyway! Why expose yourself to things that will only bring you more anxiety and stress? Keep you energy on what you desire to create in your own life. Don’t scatter and waste it on hurtful things.

  • Get Adequate Sleep At Nights

8-9 hours is recommended normally. There may be times in our lives when this is not possible. Adjust when you can. Sleeping, (even a nap) raises your energy.

  • Become Conscious of Energy Levels of Your Loved Ones

You can dramatically raise your own energy level by being in the energy field of others who vibrate closely to what you would like to BE, DO, or HAVE. Chose to be in close proximity to people that make you feel better about yourself and your desires.

Be in the company of people who enjoy life and are connected with their own source energy! Staying in the energy of high energy people and your anxiety, anger, fear, hate and depression will disappear from your life by converting these thoughts and emotions into a higher energy!

‘We are energy, vibrating at different frequency’ ~ Kevin Trudeau

You may be caring for a toxic old or physically sick loved one and you can’t leave. Feel Good A Vital KeyIf you get hold of these principles I am sharing, you’ll have to do some extra work in changing your own vibration. Sing, hum, gig if you cannot dance, smile, deep breath, look up in the sky, use your ear phones or count to 10! Words matter! Every Word I Speak!

You will find what works for you once you have become aware! Don’t get hang up on the specifics, adjust what I say to your own situation as you and your situations are unique. The concept of energy and how it relates to us is Universal however.

We cannot change our family, but we can choose how much to be in certain Worried face of a childpeople’s company. When possible avoid toxic family members, they will damage your soul, but only if you let them. The same principle goes for friends too! Sadly, children can’t just leave home.

  • Do Some Regular Exercise, 2-3 times weekly

Do this if you are physically able. It does not have to be strenuous, high impact exercise. When walking, count your steps, this causes you to concentrate, and is good for the mind.

For those unable to do much physically, do active mind work, do happy older manpuzzles, listen to peaceful, calm music, meditate, daydream & recall some good memories, read. Do something!

As you walk look in the distance and not down at your feet. Inhale deeply & slowly. Swing both arms, if able to. You are accomplishing different things in one activity.

  • Be Grateful For What You Already Have

Did you know that gratitude, appreciation brings you more of what you appreciate? Gratitude speeds up the manifestation of your desires. What can you be grateful for? Be grateful for life and the goods things in your life.

Do any of your limbs work? Have you got a roof over your head. Have you eaten Nick Vujicicat all today? When you are grateful you are in a high energy vibration that will attract more things to be grateful for! Not everybody have these things.

  • Clear Mind Clutter

Life situations and thoughts can clutter your mind just as physical things clutter your physical spaces. By writing things down this takes your thought from your mind. Clutter creates blockage within your energy flow, whether it be physical or nonphysical. Remember…

‘Energy is everything, and everything is energy’ ~ Albert Einstein

  • Become Aware of Energy Levels Where You Live…

…Where you work and hangout. The vibrational energy of the art on your walls, cottagethe colours, even the placement of your furniture create the energetic environment where you spend most of your waking life. Your environ- ment affects your life, so do all that you can do to increase the energy field in your home and your work place.

  • If You Are Feeling Stressed

Use your finger tips to release pressure points. These points are situated by your ear lobes, your eyes & the point between your nose and lip. These points have a direct connection to nerve endings that control feelings of unease. You can rub, press or tap on these points. Also keep pressing your palms to get immediate relief.

I have already mentioned ‘tapping’, (Thought Field Therapy) in another post. You can Google this to see the pressure point areas to tap on in your body.

These 20 practical things are by no means the end of what you can do to increase your energy level. Playing with your pet or a small child will also do it. Prayer, meditation, listening to and playing music, gardening, swimming, singing, dancing, reading a good book, taking a shower/bath, dare I say it, SHOPPING, (men no negatives on a positive site), and SO much more. 🙂

Anything good that makes you feel relaxed and calm will raise your energy level.

ButterfliesThe more we learn to work with our energy levels the better we’ll become at controlling our vibration level. We will become sensitive to when our level is down so we can take action to increase it. The higher the level, the better will be our creations. It needs to be at least 70% for us to create our desires.

‘We need to generate as many high frequency vibrations as we can’ ~ Dr Robert Anthony

If you have been creating your life by default instead of by design then it is time to get off that path and on the path to deliberate creation. It is not enough to know what to do, and how to do it, now you must do what you know.

If you have missed Part 1 click How To Increase Energy Level?

Is your knowledge of energy expanding? Let’s share together below.

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How Do We Create Our Lives? Part 1

How Can I Change My Life?

This post is a follow on from How Do I Create My LifeThis adds more depth of information.

You change or create your life by knowing what you desire, by having a burning desire for its achievement and by deliberate creation, as opposed to creating by default. Creating by default is simply seeing results that are not pleasing and then wonder why and how they got into your life in the first place.

You are not aware you are responsible for them as no one ever told you we are all creators of our own realities and that collectively we are responsible for the negative situations on a global level.

Do We Really Have Bad Luck?                       dice

Some people end up thinking they simply have ‘bad luck’! They either were born that way or they acquired that ‘bad luck’ in life. We usually find plenty of proofs for the things we believe too! This is significant as this is exactly how creation works! We do get what we are believing for on a subconscious level.

The masses create by default because they are not yet aware they are creators of their own lives and that whatever shows up in their lives is as a result of their thought (seeds) over a period of time.

The 2 Phases of Our Mind:

To create what you desire your conscious and subconscious mind must be in agreement. You can consciously desire something, however, if you have a contrary program running at a deeper subconscious level, your conscious desires will not be fulfilled.

Let’s be very clear right here, you will still create, but you will only create your subconscious programs. However, because you are unaware of these programs, you are unaware you are a creator of your own realities of life, how the Universe and Universal Laws work, it is no surprise it looks like we are unlucky!

Your conscious mind controls less than 3% and your subconscious mind controls over 97% of your life. It is easy to see which of the 2 phases of your mind will win. This figure varies according to which teacher you listen to. The top of the iceberg equates the 3% and the part under water equates the 97%. Much more is below the surface than we are aware of!

Your homework…

It is not possible to say everything in one post, I will now refer you to several posts that all deal with aspects of what I desire to take deeper in this post.

See: What Is Energy? Part 1, The Words I Speak!, How Do I Create My Life? & How To Increase Energy. You can always add more posts for greater clarity. For some free foundation material – Your Wish Is Your Command” – Kevin Trudeau

How To Improve Our Creation…

If you bring your program up to date, so to speak, and harmonize both phases of mind then you can have whatever you desire in life, as 100% of your soul’s power will be backing you.

‘In order for your creative system to work it needs at least 70% of your creative energy to be available in the present moment’ – Dr R. Anthony

If you feel that you are ‘stuck’ in life, your map of reality needs updating! It will always need to be changed as we grow and develop. Change is a constant. Achieving this will change our lives in some good ways. Change Is Inevitable!

Updating Your Reality Map: (i.e.changing your subconscious mind blueprint)Gene Lamp

Here are some of the things that you will need to implement in order to update your subconscious mind so it works for you instead of against you.

  • Stop Focusing On What Is Missing From Your Life ~ 1

To create what you desire you must first catch yourself in the moment, as you are focusing on what you do not desire to have, what’s missing from your life, or what you don’t desire to happen. In other words, focusing on the opposite of what you desire.

Then you must shift, in that moment, using the flip switch technique and with affirmations from what is missing in your life, to what you absolutely intend to manifest and create in your life with no doubt, and uncertainty or reasoning against what you desire. Know what you desire and do not budge in your mind!

You must put yourself in a state of accepting and certainty. Be joyful, thankful and happy! Maintaining this state will keep undesired creations at bay. See what you desire in your mind’s eye! Visualize it! Focus on it! Think about it!

  • Stop Thinking About Your Present Circumstances ~ 2

Stop thinking about your present limited circumstances and then Imaginationbelieving this will keep you from having what you desire. You must know that no matter how bad or how difficult things are in the moment, they are only temporary! So they are ALL subject to change! And they will only last as long as you keep your attention on them! Imagine what you desire instead! Do it again and again…

If others are involved in a negative situation, know you cannot force change on anyone as that is not your responsibility. You can share your wisdom with them, but their final decision rest with them. Your task is YOU! See your desired goals!

If you refer back to the first 2 paragraphs above you can remind yourself why this is SO vital.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change’ – Dr Robert Anthony

  • Stop Thinking About What Has Always Been – The Past ~ 3

This is the same as thinking about your limited present circumstance. When your inner talk focuses on the way things have always been, you will keep doing things the way you have always done.

If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you will keep getting what you have been getting. The reason is simple, you are using the power of deliberate creation in reverse.

This is… Insanity’! Albert Einstein                mindset

The ego tries to keep us out of the present moment as it has no power or control in the present but only in the past. Now you know why we should control the thoughts in our mind!


These are a few of the things that we must adjust in our subconscious minds, where our blueprint for living is engraved. So that we can stop ‘feeling stuck’ in our lives and not having what we desire.

In reality we cannot be ‘stuck’ as energy is always moving. ‘Feeling stuck’ is an indication that we are making the same mistakes again and again.

We should always gain the benefit from life’s lessons and move forward armed with a little more wisdom for later use.

Please click here for part 2 of How Do We Create Our Lives?

I have given you a mouth full! Re-read, swallow it and then let’s ‘talk’ below! 😉

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What Affect My Energy Level?

Can I Increase My energy Level?

Negative emotions or low frequency vibrations are caused not only from within us but they are also from the outside of us. For an example, think about the mass media, like the news. What does it put out most of the time? I would say it’s NEGATIVE as opposed to POSITIVE news!

If there is something positive, it is tucked on the end of the news as an afterthought. It is so short, it cannot cancel the mammoth amount of ‘bad news’ you have just listened to for however long. So the net result on our subconscious TVminds at the end of the news is negative and detrimental.

Now think of how long people follow such negative news stories -often, for many years! The accumulative effects over many years program our minds to: fear, worry, stress, anxieties and dread of the future.  As time goes on, it is a documented fact that more people are ‘suffering from psychological related issues’, stress is on the increase,  more people’s health are failing and of course, more pills are being distributed to ‘help people cope’ with life they are creating unknowingly.

Can It Really Be This simple?

Someone may counteract this by saying, they are only telling us what is going on in the world. I will respond by asking at what cost to us and how is this helping us or the ones affected?

The news maybe about the poor economic conditions, murders, some robberies, deaths from terrorism or warfare. In what ways are these stories helping us and what are we going to do to eliminate them? We simply absorb the negativity, addweapon to it by all the comments we make and that’s about it! The next day, or later that same day we absorb more of the same things. Remember, EVERYTHING is energy!

We have no idea of the power of words – spoken by or to us. We think once the sound ceases, the effect is gone. See posts on, Every Word I Speak and What is Energy‘? We are vibrational beings who are constantly receiving and transmitting energy.

If you follow these events, as I said above, you will experience the emotions of disgust, anger, anxiety, or fear, even all 3 plus some! When you have millions of people experiencing this, what do you think happens? A huge wave of negative emotion sweeps the world! We can actually see the escalation of this negativity, seemingly worldwide, but we often do not know why it is so.

‘If we keep doing the same things hoping for a different result we are insane’ – Albert Einstein

Not Connecting The Dots…

This may sound incredible, but think back to previous times when the news highlight a crash of let’s say, a DC 10. These planes had a good track record, prior to this crash. The news elicit fear and anxieties about DC 10s and now you hear of them crashing again and again. It could be anything, not just DC 10s. The principles are the same. Once fear is involved, is maintained and increased, more of it is released in the atmosphere. More disaster is usually the end results.

We have just not been able to connect the dots. We see each act/result as unrelated, but they are not. It is all cause and effect.

‘Energy can be changed but not destroyed’ – Bob Proctor

What Else Is Involved?Flow Now this negativity is not only coming from the news media. The same goes for the movie industry. Look at the number of films that depict violence, disasters and horror! Sure, we know these are ‘just  movies’. Nevertheless just by watching these films, they attract and we vibrate just for a few seconds to a few minutes or longer, serious negative emotions in line with what we have observed. Be they anger, fear, hate, anxiety or worry. Our subconscious mind does not differentiate between what is imagined or what is physically real. Both are equally as real!

They have the same affect on our subconscious minds as does the negative news. Our subconscious mind holds the map of our reality. If it is programmed to think strife, fear, worry, anxiety and hate is the norm for us, we will surely have more of the same given to us. Our sub- conscious minds do not reason  about what is real and what is not. What it sees and hears causes an emotional response in us and as we FEEL we then vibrate that into our world.

So once again if you have ever wondered why this Planet is in such chaos, confusion and disaster or how God could allow all these negative things to happen? There’s your answer! God does not allow anything to happen, we’re causing it to happen through our collective energetic vibration. This has nothing to do with religion, it is pure science. See post on, What is Energy’? Part 1.

How Should I respond?

The mistake we make is that we focus our attention on what’s happening in the Angerrest of the world. The belief that we can change what’s happening in the rest of the world accounts for the endless social schemes and the organize drive for a better world. But our major illusion is that we are able to build a society that vibrates at a higher psychological and also spiritual level than we are doing ourselves.

You would think by now we have overwhelming proofs that this has never worked, and never will. The truth is that since we cannot create anything higher than our own vibrational level, we cannot change the collective vibrational level of society, and certainly not of the world.

Awareness is the key…

We can only change the world one person at a time! We need to remind ourselves and every individual on this planet that we can and must change the world from the inside out, starting with ourselves! We have devastating proofs that society’s outside in approach DOES NOT work! Many have tried over the years!

The cause is on the inside of us. Our lives, homes, families, communities, nations and world reflect back to us what we have been sending out collectively. Our world is like our looking glass it reflects back to us. EVERYTHING is energy!

So one of the very first things we need to be if we desire to increase our energy level is to become aware of how life works, how we vibrate, send and receiveGood Thinking energy. In short, how we are creating our own realities.

‘We cannot change our problem with the same level of consciousness that created it’ – Albert Einstein

If you would like more information on how we are creating our lives please click here.

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How To Increase Energy Level! Part 1

How To Increase Energy Naturally

The long term solution to the things causing us pain, poverty, sickness, or lack, struggle, worries and limitation in our lives and beyond lies in our ability to teach ourselves and others how to create what we desire instead of what we do Man Thinkingnot desire.

Once we have become aware that we are our own ‘problem’ we can begin to look at how to change our lives. The only way that we can truly heal the world is to heal ourselves by changing what we attract into our lives. We cannot give what we do not have! Awareness is the key as we cannot be and do what we do not know about.

‘If you are currently experiencing anxiety, scarcity, depression, lack of love or an inability to attract what you desire, you must take a look at how you’ve been attracting these things into your life. Low quality energy is the attractor pattern for these things’ – Dr. Robert Anthony

If you still do not have what you desire, then you are not creating a vibrational match to your desire. You consciously desire one thing but subconsciously desire another. The obstacles that you face and the excuses that you make are creating a low energy vibration and your situation will not change until you decide to consciously connect to a higher vibratory level.

The Law of Attraction/Creation states, like attracts like. Since what we vibrate orbutterfly the energy we send out brings back to us its vibrational match, it is important that we are always conscious of what type of energy we are creating/ vibrating in every moment. Aim to be a conscious creator at all times by living in the present moment. Here’s a page on Our Focus.

“Being fully present is the best guarantee for a bright future.” – Guy Finley

Here are some of the practical things that you can do to help you raise your energy level:

  • Extend Acts of Kindness To Others – ask nothing in return

When you give, give generously, do this from the kindness of your heart and not with an expectation of thanks. Every act of kindness raises heartyour energy level and puts you into a vibrational match with your very own desires.

  • Walk without shoes – for about 15 minutes daily

Do this when possible, as connecting with nature draws out negativity and so heightens your intuition.

  • Practice Flip Switching In The Moment

This is one of the most powerful techniques for changing our vibrational level. See The Flip Switch post for more information.

  • Watch Your Favourite (favorite) Comedy DVDs and laugh haughtily from your belly!

Laughter opens up our blocked energy patterns, it releases feel-good harmonies, it helps to alkaline the blood. It relives your face and gives you a brighter Feel Good A Vital Keycountenance. It’s also good for facial lines!

A merry heart does good like a medicine’! Proverbs

  • Use Affirmations, (confessions) to change your consistent thoughts  

Remember our consistent thoughts are what brought us to where we are right now! To get where we desire to go we must change our consistent thoughts.

  • Wear Your Favourite Colours

Wear or have around you in your home and work areas colours (colors) that make you feel happy, confident and vibrant.

  • Avoid Low Energy Substances

Alcohol and virtually ALL artificial drugs legal or otherwise, lower your energy level and weaken you. Furthermore they put you into a position to attract more negative energy into your life. One of the major downside to using low energy substances is through the LoA, you will also attract people with similar low energy showing up regularly into your life.

  • Avoid Unhealthy Foods/Drinks, if possible

Add all process and fast foods, some meats and drinks to this list. Avoid acidic foods and drinks. Use more natural alkaline foods and drinks. Have a day free of your usual foods and eat fruits and drink plenty water to flush out your system. No! You will not starve in a day! Do a search on what foods are acidic or alkaline.

  • Avoid Low Energy Music ~ that disguises itself as high energy musicmusic

Any loud, harsh, pounding music with repetitive booming lowers your energy level and your ability to make conscious contact with your authentic self. This is why a lot of people are attracted to it! When listening to this type of music you are TOTALLY dis- connected from yourself, and so you are TOTALLY unconscious! Loud pounding music, especially with negative words, produces low energy vibrations that sends weakening messages to your subconscious and that will infiltrate your life with similar energies. See post Every Word I Speak.

  • Have Your Windows Open In The Day

The air flow in a room removes negative energy. Ever noticed when someone is depressed, they will close their windows and curtains/ blinds? They desire to be in a room alone with no light. This is a sign of negative energy at work. If this cycle is not broken it can escalate as the person’s feelings and energy worsen.

I hope you have received some use value from this post. Here is part 2

If you would like more clarity about how we create, and to do so deliberately, please click here.

There are no end of ways to increase energy levels. Please share some of your ways below so we can all learn together. I would love to hear what you think.

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Why Does Everything Go Wrong For Me? Part 1

Have you ever asked yourself the question, ‘Why do bad things keep happening to me’? If the truth be known, bad things do not always happen to any of us, it just seems to be that way. The more we see it that way, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.                                                                                            Asking Questions

Things go wrong and bad things happen to good people because they are not aware of how life works.

‘If you change the way you look at things the things you look at will change’ – Dr Robert Anthony

Imagine someone, ‘a good person’ let’s say, spending their time and effort doing things they think they should, ought to or must do, be or have as it is expected of them. It could be anything. But to make it more specific let’s say this person is doing a job she dislikes. She feels she has to do it for financial gain and because it is expected of her. However, she is unhappy in the process of doing her job. It is not what she desires to do.

But Why? What is she doing wrong?

This person, let’s call her Joan, (Joe to her friends), has an idea of what she would rather be doing with her life. Suffice to know she wants out of what she is currently doing as she is not fulfilled. She often remembers that even at school and later at collage it seemed like nothing ever worked out right however hard she tried. It may initially seem OK, but soon everything would go wrong and she always lost interest. But how can she walk away from her high paying job to do a hobby? She is no longer a child and she is not insane!

Joan is a highly paid lawyer, there is much incentive to go up higher on the bank-noteladder, she refuses to take it. She thinks she should leave this employment and start afresh elsewhere. She said the same thing about her first 2 jobs as well. This one was going to be better. She’s among the ‘right people’, in the ‘right location’ and at the ‘right firm’ and yet here she is thinking exactly what she has been thinking for years now, ‘Why does everything go wrong for me’?

How It All Started…

Joan has a passion for writing children’s stories and drawing cartoon like pictures. Sometimes she would write the stories and then draw the pictures to go with the stories. At other times she would reverse the process. Either way, she was always pleased with the end results as both the story and the pictures would come together. She would spend hours on end doing her creations as she called them as a child. Occasionally in school a friend would comment, ‘Joe, that sketch is beautiful’! Joan beamed. Every spare moment she would be seen drawing her sketches and writing yet another story. She was in the sweet spot doing this.

She has been doing this since she was about 9 years old. Her parents thought it was cute at first until she was about age 14 and they told her she needed to focus on something that could pay her enough money to buy a house and pay her bills. They told her writers were not recognized until after they were dead, so there was no future in what she enjoyed doing.

Gradually, Joan became discouraged and she set her passion aside to concentrate on qualifications to get a ‘good job’. Her grades were always good in school, she was very articulate, organized and determined. She progressed to Law school and got her degree with honours, (honors). Her parents were proud of Courther. She was a high achiever and each of her family members were convinced she would ‘become a good lawyer, just like her father is’.

Occasionally Joan’s childhood passion would come knocking at her heart and as she allowed herself to dwell on it, it felt good and it always brought a smile to her face. Then she would remember, ‘writers’ works do not earn money or recognition until after they are dead’. She would detach herself from her dream and she always had a feeling of deep regret, a longing and a yearning. If only things could be different. Everything goes wrong for me, she thought yet again.

Joan’s New Friend and Mentor:

Joan requested a transfer to a different area of the Law firm. She ‘needed a change of environment,’ she told her surprised colleagues to their questions of why was she leaving?

She was introduced to Mary on her first day, Mary was responsible for orientating Joan to that new department. Meeting Mary was like meeting a long lost friend. A bond was formed seemingly effortlessly between them.

They started going for lunches together and even on weekends they would go to a park and just sit and talked for hours. Over the months, Mary detected that there was something making Joan rather unhappy. Eventually Joe opened up and confided in Mary about her childhood passion that just would not go away.

Mary encouraged Joe to pursue her writing again, as nothing else would satisfypen her heart’s desire. Joe did not see how this could be done.

The following Monday morning Mary handed Joe a paper bag and told her to have a look at and a listen to the contents. She would discuss them with her once she returned from her annual leave in 2 weeks. The Book was entitled, ‘The Secret’ and the audio set was entitled The Secret of Deliberate Creation.

Joe spent that entire weekend reading and listening to things that were new to her. The book was about how we create our own realities using what’s called The Law of Attraction. The audios were about Quantum Physics, energy, removing self-sabotage, the subconscious mind, how to know what we want in life and how to obtain it, among other things. Joan was shocked and excited all at the same time. This was totally new information to her. She devoured these materials for many months.

Joe found out that as long as her, ‘I have to do this job’ was coming from her mind instead of her passion flowing from her heart, her life would be frustrating, unfulfilling, depressing and downright miserable.

Joe knew she has been living out of her head and not out of her heart. She knew what was in her heart since she was a child. She just never knew she had a choice and could decide to follow her heart doing what she loved and that there were Laws of the Universe to support her following her heart.

She cried herself to sleep for a few nights. These were tears of joy, she never felt so free, at least, not since her childhood.

Joan’s story Part 2.

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Why Does Everything Go Wrong For Me? Part 2

You are reading the second part of  Why Does Everything Go Wrong For Me?

Joe still did not know HOW and WHEN she could give up her job, she just knew she would, to pursue her heart’s desire. Mary told her to keep her focus on what she desired, (to write children story books with her own pictures). Whatever the price she had to pay, the rewards would be so much greater and she would have no regrets following her heart.

Joe learnt from the audio program there was a 3 Step Process to uncover and open the doors to her true heart’s desires. I list these steps below for you to use as well. 😉

Step 1– Ask yourself this question:  Man Thinking

1) What would I like to have in my life that I do not have right now? Write down the answers by hand on white paper use a blue ink pen. You can type it all up later on your computer.

Here are some other questions to ask yourself to help you find answers to the main question above.

  • What would I love to do if there were no restrictions or obstacles?
  • If money was not a consideration, what would I like to do?
  • What makes me very happy? What makes me laugh?
  • What stirs my emotions in a positive way when I think about it?
  • What do I think about when I daydream about something that I would really like to do, be or to have?
  • What would I love to do to help others?
  • What characteristics, strengths, or personality traits would I like to have that I don’t have now?
  • What type of physical appearance have I always wanted to develop?
  • What do I want from others?
  • What do my best friend and I do for fun?
  • What did I use to do that I enjoyed that I don’t do now?

Not all of these questions are your heart’s desire.

Step 2– Ask yourself this question:

2) If I had/was/could do that, (whatever you’ve defined as your heart’s Happy Facedesire), then how would that make me feel? Ask your -self this question about each desire you have identified with the first question. Asking this second question helps you to get past your superficial desires and focus on what is truly important to you. Note carefully, the stronger the emotion or the feeling you have after answering the question, the closer you are to your TRUE heart’s desire. Allow yourself to FEEL your emotion. You are dealing with your heart’s desires here!

Step 3– Now you are going to measure the strength of your heart’s desires.

3) In order for the answers given to be effective, you need to measure the strengths of your heart’s desires. On a scale of 1-100% how badly do you desire each of your listed desires in step 1? Become sensitive to the intensity of your emotional responses to what you discover in steps 1 and 2. This sensitivity will help you to accurately measure the intensity of your desires. Your intensity is vital.

Take 1 desire at a time and focus on it. Whilst focusing on it, imagine there is an intensity metre/meter attached to your body just like a lie detector. As you think about your heart’s desire look at the scale. What is the measurement? Where is it between 1-100%? Now write down your measurement for each of your desires.

Any measurement between 80-90% on your scale is something that’s important to you and something you have a strong interest in. However, scalesONLY those that measure 100% are your true heart’s desires. This is what will make you feel happy and fulfilled. Any measurement, any below 80% on your heart intensity scale you are not fully committed to. There is no doubt in your heart about your 100% desires!

The heart desires that measure 100% have within them the fundamental ability to release the full internal power or creative magnetic energy within you. They are the desires that will provide you with persistence and the ability to overcome any and all obstacles. The intensity of these desires will energize your family, relationships, business projects and your entire life.

‘Your dreams, goals… you have a strong desire for it to come to pass and when you think about it, you have high belief and expectation that it will happen’ – Kevin Trudeau.

Back to my story in conclusion. Joan did get another less demanding part time job. She took a drop in salary for a time. However, she resurrected her heart’s desire and brought it out into the open. She worked longer hours than she did with a full time job, but she was never more happy. She maintained a close connection with Mary over the years and Mary became her friend and mentor.

And of course she became a prolific author of children’s story books. I love happy endings and success stories. Don’t you? 🙂

Now let’s write OUR OWN success stories!

A word of caution. Avoid making financial goals your true heart’s bank-notedesire. Dig deeper. Ask yourself, what will a financial goal give me? When you discover that, it is more likely your heart’s desire.

If you would like more information on how you can create deliberately please click here

Thank you Dr Robert Anthony for the 3 Step Process to uncovering our heart’s desires, and for the entire program.

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How Do I Create My Life?

It is good to know about the existence of energy, but how do I use it to create my own realities is the question.  Unless we can make it practical, it is simply just more information being collected and stored in our awesome computer, but our results do not change.

Can I use Energy To Create My Life?                Daydreamer

Since everything is energy, the answer to that question is a resounding YES! See Energy Part 1. There is great energy and power inside of each one of us. Yes, I said EACH ONE of us. Many are unaware of this but it is still true. This power is released with less effort when we are focused on our true heart’s desires, our real passions, the thing/s that keeps us awake at nights and wakes us up early in the mornings. The thing that we will do however difficult it gets.

This power some call Creative Magnetic Energy. This power allows us to create. It has a magnetic pull, drawing the elements that knit the various parts of our desires together. We will not necessarily know what is going on behind the scene, (under the radar), but once we have some basic idea about how we actually create our realities, we can continue to take inspired action even when it seems like nothing is going on in the physical realm where we are.

Farming Principles:

Let me use something physical and well known to illustrate my point. No, I am not a farmer and I am not teaching you about farming 🙂

Think of a farmer, he gets his land ready, he purchases whatever seeds he desires to plant. He knows when it’s planting season and when it’s time to reap. As a farmer, he has all the information needed to get started. He will gain more information, skills and experience the longer he does farming. He does not need to know everything before he starts, just enough to get going.

His passion is not so much knowing all that can be know about farming, but just enough to start. So he plants his crop, his seeds are in the ground. He is now dependent on nature to do her part and provide the conditions for his seeds to grow. He is living his dream of farming.

Faith Is Based On Knowledge                                      mindset

He has the faith that since this is the way nature works – seedtimeharvest, he does not need to loose sleep at nights wondering if he has done the right thing by putting his seeds in the ground.

He knows his father and grandfather and several generations before them all did it this way. So he is confident that the same thing will work for him because farming is governed by Physical Laws for example, sowing and reaping, seed, time, harvest and the various seasons.

Creating our own desire has its own principles and is also governed by Spiritual Laws. Some call them Laws of Nature or Universal Laws.

Creative Magnetic Energy (CME)

Due to its magnetic pull, CME will draw people, conditions, events, resources and circumstances together into our lives to fulfill our heart’s desires. We may not know the entire process on a scientific level, any -more than a farmer knows how a seed produces so much more than itself as a result of being under the soil.

‘You must have a burning desire for the achievement of your dream’ – Napoleon Hill

Creation Principle Number 1

You have to know what you desire in your heart. Until that is done, this CME remains dormant in us. Remember the farmer had to do something with his seeds. He had to know and do the right thing if he was going to get the right results. When we do not know this we do not aim for much in life and we drift.

This desire must be a passion that inspires us from within.

Everything that you and I will ever be, do or have is a direct result of using this energy. We use it whether we are aware of its existence or not. The benefits of knowing about it is that we can use it consciously. When we do so, we can expect a result. Even if the result obtained is not as specific as plantswe desired, it will be as good or even better than anticipated.

As for the farmer, his type of crop will be specific, but the yield could me infinitely greater than he had expected, (all things being equal).

How And When Have We Used CME?

A few of our achievements in life from birth until now: being able to talk, walk, read, ride a bike, drive a car, use a phone/computer, build a business, fly an air plane, you name it, are evidences that we have consciously or unconsciously tuned into our heart’s desire and at that moment release the CME within us to create.

This is what powers our natural success mindset as a child in early life. We have all observed a baby learning to walk-it’s effort. What tenacity, determination and strong faith they exhibit, (all unconsciously) that she will walk. They normally havegirls walking together some helpers around to encourage and cheer them on in the process. Normally the end result, (unless there is a physio- logical problem), that baby does walk.

Our CME is one of our greatest gifts but we are, on the whole, unaware of its awesome power. As a result of this we do not use it to its capacity. When you tap into your CME you can achieve your heart’s desire in any area of your life. At present it may be dormant and undeveloped energy in you that needs to be put to use. It does not leave you as long as you are alive.

Like electricity in our homes, it is always available, so we can tap into it as and when we chose to. Our supply is unlimited, it is always there and at any time we can convert it to energy in motion, (e-motion) to create our desired outcome.

There’s no premium on our ignorance! We will go deeper into this in anotherlight bulb post.

Do you not agree that since we have it, we should at least hear about it?

If you would like more information on how we create our lives please click here.

Here’s a 2:25 minutes video Watch – What Winners Are  Thanks Chris Cade.

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How To Know What You Want In Life

But how do I know what I desire in life?

I mentioned in my last post, How Do I create My Life? ‘You have to know what you desire in your heart’. You see, until we have done that our Creative Magnetic Energy, (CME) remains concealed in us. We appear to ourselves and others as being an ‘average Joe’. In truth we are anything but!

We are teeming with potential, but potential is always un- tapped.

Now can I ask you a question? What is it that you desire in life? Pause and thinkAsking Questions about it for a moment before reading on.

It could be something you desire to be, do, have, give or somewhere you desire to go. You may be among the minority who DO KNOW what you desire in life. I am told very few people actually KNOW what they desire and if you asked them, like I just did, the majority will tell you all that they do not ‘want’, but not what they do desire.

Why is that you think?

The issue with that is, if you do not know what you desire in life, how are you going to get it? You are not aiming for anything, so it will be ‘pot luck’ (hit and miss), if you got it at all.                                                               dart & board

It is said, ‘If we fail to plan, we are planning to fail’! Pause and think about that for a few seconds.

The reason for the majority of us not knowing what we desire in life is simple. We have never been taught to focus on our heart’s desires. We are trained to use our minds but not our hearts. I am not referring to the physical blood pump, as much as the core of our being. It is so refreshing to hear someone say, ‘I followed my heart’! We are frightened to follow our heart’s, but why is that so?

But What If…

‘What if I am wrong’? ‘What if I make a mistake’? ‘What if it does not work’? Yet we follow our minds and often get it wrong, make mistakes and things often do not work. Did you notice we survived it? Back to our desires 🙂

When we work things out with your heads, our logical minds, after a while we end up starting over again, and again… Why is that? Because it was not what we really desired in our heart. Our heads said that could /would/should/might work, but it did not! And we are back to the drawing board, again, repeating the same mistakes again… and again.

We could end up searching for years on end, trying to find something that will satisfy our hearts, but from our heads. We often give up, thinking whatever it is, it’s not for us to find. How sad.

When we use our heads, (our logical mind) to figure out what we desire in life, we can only come up with what is already in our heads. Read that sentence again. The same thing applies to any solution that we desire in life, it’s not in our heads, it’s in our hearts! Life springs from our heart.

‘Guard your heart, for out of it flows the issues of life’! Proverbs.

This Is Not A Head, But A Heart  Job!

Whatever decisions we make from our heads they are all filtered through what heartwe already know about. What we already know is based on past experiences. Our logical minds cannot see possibilities. That scares it! The logical mind knows fear and survival. We are defeated before we even start. Our logical minds make decisions about the future based on what has happened in the past.

So we are attempting to move forward with our eyes behind us, so to speak. What kind of signals do you think we are sending out into the Universe. Remember, everything is energy! Yes, including our thoughts, fears, anxieties – all energy!

Our heart on the other hand knows no limitation as it is connected to our subconscious mind, (Higher Self, The Field of Infinite Possibilities, Energy some of the many names used). Take your pick! 😉

Energy In Motion                    Flow

One sure way to know what it is that you desire is to allow yourself to feel your answer to your WHAT. Your heart’s desires and your emotions are closely linked. This emotional attachment is your inspiration that fuels your journey from within. This will get you over life’s hurdles and get you up if you should fall. You will not accept quitting as an option. You are determined to finish your race!

‘Learn to FEEL your way through life!’ Kevin Trudeau.

Your head, (rational mind) cannot provide this, and that is why we quit and A winnerrationalized why we could not go on. Are you getting it? It sounds reasonable, at first, but we have just clocked up another excuse for failure. After too many of those, some stop running their life’s race all together! They just exist, not live!

This energy in motion, (our emotion) is what gives us satisfaction, success and enjoyment in the process as we fulfill our life’s purpose. Our heart’s desire is what produces Creative Magnetic Energy! this is the power that will get you to the finish line with joy!

‘The SHORTEST path to getting everything you want in life is by finding information that explains how the Universe works’ – Enoch Tan.

If you would like more information on how to know what you desire in life please click here.

I desire this to be helpful to you when/as you are creating your life’s dreams/goals.

Here’s a 2:22 minutes video: Don’t Quit! Thanks Chris Cade.

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What Is Energy? Part 3

Energy 3

This post is a continuation from What is Energy Part 2. If you have selected this out of sequence, you may desire to read the first post, What is Energy Part 1.

I will be using several of Wallace’s quotes in this post as they are so powerful and very revealing.

What Is In Energy?

There are 3 fundamental principles that he recommends early in the book. He felt they were so essential, he claimed you should not accept anything that goes against them regardless of where and who the opposition comes from. So what are they?

  •  ‘There is a THINKING STUFF from which all things are made and which, in its original state: permeates, penetrates, and fills the inter spaces of the Universe’.
  •   ‘A thought, in that substance, produces the thing that is imaged by the thought’.
  •   ‘Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his though upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created’.

In other words, the entire Universe is full of this energy. Here Wallace call’s it ‘Thinking Stuff’. This refers back to what I said in the first post on energy, it is omniscient – all knowing. It has intelligence built into it. It causes things to Daydreamerhappen, it’s creative and so it cannot help but do things.

Once you have a thought in your mind of what you desire, and can hold on to that though for a short period of time, (about 90 seconds), some say less than this, it’s created in the spiritual, quantum realm. So any picture you can retain in your mind for a short time, you can bring it into your physical reality. Positive or not, desirable or not the principle of creation works the same way.

Sowing And Reaping

As you are focused on your dream/desire you are sending out positive energy about that thing into the Universe. This energy creates what you are projecting outward. It affects universal energy which in turn responds back to you. This is the value of visualization and using your imagination to create your desires. You utilize your 5 senses as much as possible as you see yourself in your picture. The more effective you are in doing this, the better you will become as a creator.

Here’s a link for you to view Chuck Dane’s teaching on the subject – Visualization. This is enclosed for those who are not familiar with the topic or for those who simply desire to improve on their knowledge of it. It is one of the keys in creation.

We have become ‘good’ at imagining and visualizing the worst case scenarios in life in nearly all areas of our lives. In our health, relation -ships, finance, (jobs/businesses) and this has had a negative knock on effect on other areas of life in our communities and in our world. It is all like a vicious cycle. Well, each one is responsible for breaking that destructive cycle in our own lives.

How To Break The Destructive Cycle?

First we hear/read something that gets our attention and we begin to wake up and become aware of the things we were previously ignorant to. We take control of how we think, I can’t say this one enough as EVERYTHING starts gaining momentum from there. The MIND, (both phases) are essential in all of this process. How we think affects how we feel. How we feel affects what we say and do. And ALL of this is energy!                                                       Man Thinking

As he thinks… so is he’!                 

By taking charge of our own life, we can begin to work on ourselves. We can begin to apply the principles and practices that we are learning one at a time. In time, we beginning to see changes in ourselves, our moods, our ways of reasoning and thinking. Even our speech change. The physical manifestation may not be anywhere on our radar screens as yet, but we become expectant and positive. We do not stress about the when as we know it’s certain.

Remember, creation is done under the radar, so to speak, and is all but completed there before anything shows up physically. When you grasp the essence of Wallace’s book, you will not dwell on the negative thinking, ‘It does not work for me’!

It works for everybody, and at all times. We have just been creating the things we do not desire as opposed to what we do. It is exactly the same process at work, but in the negative. In the negative you do not need to be conscious and aware. It happens easily unconsciously because more people are in that flow of negativity and destruction so the energy, (though negative) is stronger. Energy and Universal Laws, (a topic for another time), are always at work – and they work perfectly and impartially for US ALL.

                  MindsetThe Final Words…                                        

Finally, Wallace also cautioned us to:

‘Fix every word upon your memory, and meditate upon them until you firmly believe what they say. Do not listen to arguments against this idea’.

Why was Wallace so adamant about these 3 fundamental principles that he proposed? He answered that with this shocking statement.

‘If you get mixed up in your faith, all your efforts will be in vain’.

He was talking about the effort of acquiring riches/money. However, the principles are the same for any area of lack or discord. So if anyone rejects this understanding of energy, how it functions and our part in using it to create deliberately, (or unconsciously), we will not see our conscious desired result.

Now that could shed light on the huge failure rate of those in the self-help/development/awareness world of learning and on ALL who are failing to see their hearts’ desires come into the physical. There are obviously reasons for people failing. To hear that we are creators is good, but to know how we actually create is even better, second only to actually creating.  Would you not agree?   Flying Gull

Here’s a 3 mins video The Secrets of The World Class. Will you chose to be one of them?

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What is Energy Part 1.

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